Bossy Woman

Bossy Woman Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. Helen, The Kellers and I were having breakfast in the dining room when Helen tried to reach onto my plate I stopped her hand and The Kellers told me to stop. I said ” No she needs to learn to eat from her own plate.

” That is what set off Mr. Keller and I started yelling at him and I told them that they need to leave the room so that I can teach Helen. My thoughts and feelings were, I was doing my job. I feel like I could have been nicer to The Kellers and that I should not have slapped Helen after she slapped me. I think that when she slapped me it helped me.

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It helped me know that I can help Helen I just needed some time. My worries and concerns is if I had left a red mark on Helen because I didn’t want The Kellers to think that I am the type of person who would abuse a child. Some other concerns is if Helen could have been nicer to me. Another worry is if Helen will work with since I slapped her, I do not want her to think that she isn’t useless. I do have a plan to handle this situation and those plans are I think that I can force the words into her hand or I could ask The Kellers to have alone time with Helen for a little bit.

If the Kellers let me take Helen then I would not let them take her so that she can learn how to eat from her own plate and how to eat with silverware and napkins. I have more worries and concerns that you should know about. One of them is if Helen would learn what words are because she does not know what words mean. Another worry or concern is she may not know what to do because she has a problem hearing and it’s hard hear directions when you’re deaf. My other concern isthat Helen’s family should take more care of her than they were when she was little.

My last worry or concern is that if Helen learned a lot from me and she has manners and she can mostly take care of herself without having to be babied. My worry is that The Kellers would call me back to help Helen learn more words and manners. My feelings is that I did get Helen to learn more words and have good manners around people when we were alone than when we were near the people who live with her. My thoughts is I think that The Kellers could’ve been nicer to me and the could have stopped babying Helen so that I could teach her. My thought was Helen did not let me touch her again so that was an effect on me because I could not help her do the right thing. Throughout this entry, I, Annie will explain how I handled the time when I tried to teach Helen how to understand words.

What I learned from this is it takes patience to learn ASL, I also learned it takes just a little bit of pressure to teach Helen. As George Bernard Shaw has said, “life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” (BrainyQuote).