The Bias of a Woman

I need a moment of your time to talk to you about an issue I feel very strongly about, I feel that women need and should be able to and have the right to vote. We as women, should be equal to men, because in a well rounded society, everyone needs to be involved. It’s 1919, women’s suffrage should be passed because I deserve and the women next to me, deserve the right to vote. Women can’t be their own person, if there told what to do. I’m working with the women’s suffrage group, and I can’t stress this enough, what image do you want to provide for all the women who support you? Your wife, your mother, your daughters.

I’m on my own, and I used to have a job, put I got ‘fired’ because they were over staffed, and couldn’t pay everyone. First, I didn’t get paid as much as the men, which is totally wrong because we hold the same position. I’m unmarried, so I have to defend for myself, I have had to earn everything I have. If men have the right to vote and decide what gets to go on within our country, shouldn’t women have that same opportunity? Well, we don’t, we deserve to have a say in what happens within our state, society, and government. Women who are standing up to the government, are being brutally hurt and injured, they are deprived of their life.

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The life is being sucked out of them and me, these women are going to jail, for petitioning the government, which we as people have the right to do. We as people, we as women have the right to say, whatever we want and do anything we want, on public property, because that’s what the constitution says, we as individuals are free to do what we want. The government and officers are taking that away from us, they are saying we can’t do things, that the constitution says we can. The women who went to jail, went on a food strike, and the wardens forced tubes down their throats, and made them eat raw eggs, it was displeasing to watch and read about. Those women looked constantly ill, they looked dreadful. Going on strike during this time period, was like surviving a tornado because they would stand out in good or terrible weather, and being treated so horrible by the public and city officers.

Not only were women treated poorly compared to men, men were superior to the women, we had no public say. We raised the children, we brought them up, the new group of people who will be the leaders of our nation one day, and from the get go, your teaching and telling the daughters that they will always serve someone higher than them. Therefore, meaning that I believe and hope you will vote in favor of women’s suffrage because there are so many people, including me and all other women that are fighting for women’s freedom and their right to vote.