The Myth of the Liberal Bias

Lately I’m sure you have been hearing a lot about the presidential debates and GOP candidates. The media has been ruthlessly attacking them, calling their bluffs and not letting them get away with lies or slander. I have to admit, it is refreshing to see the media have more of a skeptical attitude towards the candidates.

We tend to glorify the leader (or potential leaders) of our country. They see…m to be able to get away with more, a prime example being that Richard Nixon was never charged and eventually pardoned for his actions.

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Any normal, average citizen engaged in such activities would probably have never seen outside the inside of a jail cell. Now, this isn’t to say that the media isn’t at all biast. That is not true in the least. If anything, most news sources take somewhat of a liberal bias. Right? Acually, no. According to Journal of Broadcasting ; Electronic Media.

“Despite research to the contrary, the general public and a significant number of politicians are convinced the U.S. news media have a liberal and pro-Democratic bias. Findings based on two large national surveys suggest that audiences’ ideologies and partisanships affect how they view the media.” (Lee, 2010).

I think that from this we can realize that the conservatism that we sometimes try so hard to deny is still with us. While the crackdown might be more harsh, we still aren’t living up to our full journalistic potential. We should demand that we have a more fair representation of ideas, and not focus on ideas that ensue intolerance or hate. Conservatism could be the death of America, but not if we stand up and fight.