Social Sciences and Liberal Arts

Every choice we make is based on some ground. In my case, it was based on the future benefits I could get from it. Experiencing certain difficulties in studying social sciences and liberal arts, I made my choice towards engineering.

My father was the one who influenced my choice sufficiently by signing me to the various computer-related courses, which included C++ programming, and related computer languages. I was also taking an interest in exploring the ways different mechanisms, based on electrical systems, work, which was entirely caused by the practical means to understand how the appliances, we use daily, function. Another reason to go for a further study of computer engineering was a small business, run by my father. The small venture introduced me to all kinds of engineering, as they were assembled at my father’s plastic jars producing factory. It was a place where I could study and compare all kinds of engineering processes, brought to one place. High school was also a place that influenced my choice of engineering, as I did nt find humanities or sciences to be my cup of tea, so I had to look for other options, like engineering.

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I have been into a lot of scholarly readings this semester, including the articles about the state-of-the-art inventions and concepts in engineering. This was intended to help me improve my theoretical basis of engineering. I was conducting certain research on my own, trying to work out the way some computer-based processes take place and how this can be improved. I was going to test and tune one of the developments back at my father’s factory.I am done with choice of my major, and it definitely will be Computer Engineering. It was my best choice when I was enrolling for this degree, and I am sure it will be the starting point of my future career.

The only possible obstacle, restraining me from making a final choice, could have been the fact I had no certainty about my future place of work. Fortunately, this minor issue had been successfully resolved. Looking for the available job options, I happenned to discover that a good place for my future work placement could become my grandfather’s company. Currently, it holds a monopolistic position in Venezuelan door production market. The key reason to that is using of the specially engineered production technology, which allows to produce micro-perforated doors and distribute them all over the country. In order to reinforce the choice of my major, I am going to read some specialized literature, concerning general engineering, so I will have a better basis before I commence to study Computer Engineering.

Majoring in Computer Engineering, I would be able to maintain a steady position at my future job in the door-producing company. Eventually, I hope to become a company owner myself, possibly of the enterprise, mentioned above. To do that, I will have to possess good knowledge of Computer Engineering, as well as be an expert in this area.Majoring in Computer Engineering will become a turning point in my life, as it will provide me with good knowledge and a guaranteed job placement.