Broken Age

Broken Age Review Picture a town formed with beautiful array, and basically built all about sugar. A town with many people with their own unique ways of living ,and homes to shelter every one of them. Now picture a ship designed by an overprotective mother for her teen son, flying through space.

Well in the game Broken Age, you are able to play on both timelines, and switch between them at anytime. First, about the game’s production. Broken Age is a point and click adventure game created by Tim Schafer, published by Double Fine productions, and distributed by Nordic Games. It was released for almost everything from Playstation to any type of computer, even mobile. Only thing it was not released for is Xbox. It’s single player, so sorry for multiplayer fans, and the main aspects of the game is to move your character, examine objects and items, and talk to non-playable characters (NPCs), to get your way through the game.

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Now that we have talked about the type and distribution of the game, let’s get into the game itself. You play as two characters in two different storylines. Vella, a teenage girl who is sick and tired of her town’s ways and tries to go against them; Shay, a teenager who lives on a ship designed for a young child, with safety precautions everywhere. He just wants to stop being treated like a child and tries to against his mom’s ways. Do you see a resemblance? Anyway, every year Vella’s town, along with many other towns, put young maidens on podiums to be sacrificed to creatures called Mogs.

She was selected to be a maiden for one year, but she wasn’t going to accept it. Vella wanted to kill Mog Chothra, and put an end to the sacrifices. On the other hand, Shay just wants be out of his home and not be treated like some 3-year old. Imagine how boring it must be to live like a toddler, when you are really a teen. So he tries to escape.

Now without giving any spoilers I’ll stop there and talk about how I personally liked the game. I have played through the entire game on Playstation Vita, and I absolutely loved it. As an owner of many devices, I have played many fantastic games; but this game is definitely on my top five list. The art style for the game is stunning, great visuals and ambient sounds pull it all together into a true work of art.. Broken Age also has tremendous humor bound to make the player laugh at most points in the game.

As well as puzzles everywhere that try to stump you throughout the game. Everything about the game: the setting, the plot, the characters, and the places, it all comes together in the end and becomes truly stunning. Broken Age has been played and loved by many, and personally I see why. So whether you like gameplay on a town based of of sugar or gameplay on a very overprotected spaceship, this game has created something to include almost every person in such a magnificent game.