Broken Memories

The significant memories of most kids lives are usually an event that they were surprised with something or someone they loved or something happened that they really enjoyed. My significant memory is a probably a little different. My significant memory is when I broke my hand fighting with my brother. Yes, what I said is no joke. My favorite memory is when I broke my hand.

Of course it was bad at first, but it turned out to be a very memorable experience I am never going to forget. It started out when I was in full out fisticuffs with my brother. I punched him with my right hand the wrong way and my hand came slamming down on to his skull. It didn’t hurt too much but I couldn’t really move my hand so I just kept fighting with my left hand. Eventually my mom broke it up (I won) and she was furious with me. I told her it hurt, but she didn’t listen and since I had hockey that night she sent me to practice.

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At practice I couldn’t put my hand into my glove. I told my mom I needed to go home and I thought I broke my hand. So she took me home. The next morning instead of going to school I went to the walk-in center in Wilmington. I was told I had broken my hand by the doctors. Now my mom was steaming with anger.

It seems this would be a bad memory, but it got much better later. To start things off, when I went back to school with a sling I looked like one bad Apple. Everyone was asking what happened and I appreciated the attention. Then my mom, dad, neighbor and I had to go to Childrens hospital to get a cast.

I was scared at first because I knew they were going to have to move the bone back in position. When they did I realized it wasn’t worth me worrying about it so much. The incredibly painful that I had dreaded and expected wasn’t that bad. Then things started to get better. One of the benefits was I wasn’t in school. Another was the guy casting me was pretty cool and the rest of the Staff at Childrens Hospital are awesome.

Then we got Au Bon Pain. It was the most delicious breakfast my taste buds had ever touched. I would go back to Childrens Hospital any day. Then we went to Harvard.

My neighbor works there and has his own lab. I had never visited it before and it was very interesting and there was a lot to see. Then we went to a museum in Harvard. I saw Hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and scientific discoveries. It was very difficult to absorb all of it. It was very exciting and I had a wonderful time.

Then I got home before school ended and just relaxed for the rest of the day. My significant experience is something I’m always going to remember. It started off to be a terrible event, but it wasn’t so bad in the end. I learned how to make a bad situation into a better and I will always treasure this skill for the rest of my life and it made me a better person.