do we need memories

My most treasured memories are when I was little and in tap dancing class. These are my most treasured, because back then I enjoyed dancing in front of people. Now I can’t even give a speech in front of people without feeling that I have to puke. When I was little I did not have stage fright, now though I feel like passing out at the sound of even having to speak in front of a crowd of people. Memories are important for many reasons I will describe a few.

One reason memories are important is because We need memories to be able to learn from our mistakes and remember what we did in the past. Past memories are important because we need to be able to look back and see what life was like for us as kids and what it is like for us now. When we do this we are able to see how we have changed and matured through the years. Although in my sense of vision I believe some people have some growing yet to do. People should not be denied painful memories for many reasons. I believe painful memories help us to understand what the world is like.

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The pain from the memories will help you understand pain compared to a loving or depressed feeling. Also the pain will help balance out and keep your emotions intact. We can cope with painful memories in many ways; most you can do by yourself. One way is to vent through music, reading or punching a pillow. Another way is to seek help from a guidance counselor or a church counselor or even a friend.

Keeping painful memories bottled up inside of you will only hurt you in the end physically and emotionally.