Mental Torture!!!

It must have occurred to our ancestors, that physical harassment was starting to become very boring and would soon run out of fashion! The great thinkers must have held an intellectual gathering, about this crisis.

They must have been in deep thought when,voila! An idea flashed through one of the bold and imaginative thinkers. And soon it was to change the fate of their descendants! Physical torture was thrust upon the people, and it was meant to cause terrible pain. But people didn’t just go up to the oppressors and say,” Hey, I am feeling curious about this whole torture thing. Would you mind giving me a demo?” But the great idea was nothing like that. It was meant to cause suffering, yes, but mental, not physical, but just as painful! It was designed in a way that made you think that it was a must for the whole humanity. This torture would be done right from childhood and would continue until the person was capable of standing on his own feet.

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Even then, he would be punished, but occasionally. And from this novel idea, were born, the great brothers of mental destruction- Algebra and Geometry!!!!*Haunting music*. The two great oppressors! The bane of humanity! With a smiling face, they would squeeze you dry. For a better picture, imagine two beautiful angels in white,beckoning you towards them, their arm open. You’re like,” Wow, they look great. Lets go check ’em out.

” As you come near them, you don’t notice the cruel glint of hunger in their eyes. They grab you by the throat, strangling you in the process. You don’t make any efforts to get away, instead welcoming them with open arms.They take your brain out, and start beating it with a metal hammer. You don’t understand what’s going on, but what you know is that it was a vital process for the betterment of your life.

Well, anyways, that’s how Al and Geom looked to me. All over the world, students shiver with fright, and pee in their pants (or half pants) at their name. They run here and there, looking for a place to hide, possibly forever.But you can’t get rid of them that easily. Heck, you can never get rid of them.They are like Death, inevitable and omnipresent.

Its hard to compare, which one is more painful. Endless equations or gigantic theorems!…They’re like fierce beast of prey, but unfortunately, they’re allies!.

..We cannot revolt against them. We can just hope, that with time, they, like dinosaurs, become extinct!!