Preliminary Proposal on the Case for Torture

The case for torture raises serious controversial debates. Much of these debates relate to the constitutionality, morality and role of torture in the society. Conflicting arguments have been advanced to try and explain the case for torture. Much of these views have been subjective and one-sided.

This paper will therefore focus on the controversies surrounding torture of criminals by objectively exploring the permissibility of torture in the enlightened societies, its justifiability and the role it plays in maintenance of law and order in society. Research Questions The study will focus on addressing the controversial issues surrounding the case for torture by responding to three key research questions. The study will explain the permissibility of torture in the enlightened society, whether or not there are circumstances when torture can b justified and the role that torture plays as a punitive measure against criminals. Tentative Position on the Case for TortureIn order to objectively understand the case for torture, its intentions must also be objectively explored. An objective exploration of the intentions of torture leaves one with a non-subjective opinion that there are circumstances that this act can actually be justified. Instead of focusing subjectively on the “rights” of terrorists for example, it is imperative to consider the rights of the victims of terrorism.

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The terrorist deliberately renounced the civilized standards of law and order and should thus not have any complaints if the same principles of civilization thwart his/her intentions irrespective of the means used. Torture of criminals is therefore justified if it is meant to save lives andd not to coerce offenders into confessions or incantations. It is thus justifiable and morally correct to administer torture to individuals holding innocent lives. Interest in the Case for Torture I am interested in the controversies surrounding the case for torture because of the subjective opinions that torture evokes. Besides, the case for torture elicits an interesting debate that evolves around the morality of the society, human rights and the need to enforce laws and prevent the society from disintegrating into anarchy.

The case for torture is thus significant to all these issues.Conclusion There is need for an objective exploration of the case for torture. This will help to resolve the controversies that torture elicits and rightfully outline circumstances when torture can be justified in the society.