Budget Cuts Targeting Sports

With our countries economy going down the drain, school districts across the nation are cutting back on expenses. One area that school boards are attacking is transportation for sports teams. The district has proposed many ideas to cut busing for all athletic teams to travel. If the school board carries out this act I feel there would be a lot of negative effects. Transportation for sports teams is a crucial part of a team experience, first off it provides a great way for a team to bond before they compete. Also transportation for the team provides a very organized way to travel because everyone is together.

Nobody can get lost because everyone is together. This significantly reduces any chaos of members of the team showing up at different times. Schools always stress how they assure everyone is in a safe environment all the time. Sports are a school related function, and riding on a bus with someone trained to drive the vehicle would be significantly safer than a bunch of teenagers driving on the highways traveling to different schools. In such tough economic times schools need to cutback on their expenses. Although that transportation is a expendable source of money, the detrimental affects of cutting busing for athletic programs is not worth the money that would be saved.

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