The Sports Taboo Review

The story basically compares how blacks and whites differ in athletic ability. Also, the narrator includes personal experiences that related to the main idea in which readers can connect with. Many instances of racial differences were brought up with a variance of several examples.

While including some statistics along with some facts that represented the difference between blacks and whites, the examples of sports was used to support the information. On the contrary, the story mentioned health, body, and medical evidence that a black male has against a white male. Also, the readers can relate with the narrator’s past experiences that involved sports and blacks. Within the story, many instances of the sport known as track became a main problem between blacks and whites. Gladwell explained how racial differences have an effect when competing in sports through medical and body evidence along with athletic and personal experience. People in general can learn about a topic that isn’t as aware in their everyday lives.

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The main idea of the story was to get people to treat each other the same since we don’t all agree under the same skin that we actually are the same. The problems between white and black races occur during sports. Also, people can realize how much more difficulties black people have just by looking at their health and body differences. Those who are in their upper twenties would probably enjoy this story mainly because they’re much more mature compared to modern day teenagers. Middle and high school students would not enjoy this story because there isn’t as much of a connection as compared to those who are aged.

Also, those who are involved in sports might be attracted to this composition because the summary of the story talks about sports. Overall, the main idea of the story revolved around blacks and their athletic abilities while being compared to whites which could send a message to the readers.