Review of The Sports Taboo

I chose to review the story The Sports Taboo by Malcolm Gladwell because I can relate to the theme of this short story, sports. It deals with sports and how they’re incorporated into people’s lives.This story argues that certain people of different ethnic or cultural background perform better at certain sports than others. The author uses examples from his own life and the things he saw in the sports that he played like track and field. The author tries to incorporate into his readers that in the end, it doesn’t really matter what national origin or ethnicity an athlete is, what matters is that the person tries to do his best.

The general public can easily learn from this short story because many people have been playing a sport since they’re childhood. I believe that although there may be social and racial barriers in some sports, what matters is that the person likes that certain sport and that they’re dedicated to work their hardest. The piece from the story that supports my idea is when the author himself said that the thing that set him back from being a good athlete at track and field is that others were willing to try harder than him. Teens, young adults, will like a short story like this, about sports because they’re just about to begin playing or they’re at their peak of their career in high school, ready for the next stage. I would recommend this piece of literature to any athlete really, they’ll really enjoy this story about how hard work can really set apart one into another category of athletes.

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Anyone not into sports wouldn’t enjoy it if they don’t like sports.