The Sports Taboo review

I chose this story because I am an athlete myself and I know a lot about most sports. I have been playing sports for about eight years on an actual team, but I have been playing sports almost every day about all my life. Another reason why I chose this topic was because it is true how different social classes are divided into different positions.

African Americans are usually very fast, so putting them as a running back, or wide receiver kind of makes sense. Also putting them as an outfielder makes sense as well because they will get to the ball much quicker than a white male will. Caucasians are known to have better accuracy in both football and baseball. Most of the quarterbacks and pitchers are white males because they usually have better aiming and timing into the ball. In the NBA, most of the players are African American.

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They have long arms and legs which make them go down the court faster and give them good height for them to jump higher. These are the reasons why I chose this topic because I know that it is true what people say about different social classes only good at a certain position. According to Gladwell and according to National Basketball Association statistics from any recent year, approximately eighty percent of NBA players are black. Common sense and cold, factual statistics argue that blacks are more physically advantaged over whites, and they use their physical advantages to reach the highest level of competitive basketball. Given the highly lucrative salaries that are paid to all NBA players, work ethic and desire are important but insufficient qualities that fail to propel most outstanding white basketball players to the elite, paramount level of basketball, the NBA. Countless white players love to play these kids game and would undoubtedly love to earn millions of dollars yearly playing in the NBA.

However, most of these talented white players are unable to reach that goal.