A Review of Malcom Gladwell's "The Sports Taboo"

The short story I chose is more of an editorial rather than a story with characters and a plot. The Sports Taboo is a short story written by Malcolm Gladwell that sheds light on the racial aspects of sports. Gladwell talks about how people are afraid to bring up race when it comes to sports in fear of not being politically correct. The Sports Taboo uses facts to back up the common stereotypes that blacks are usually better athletes than whites. The Sports Taboo is a story about the racial truth in sports that is never spoken of.

While Gladwell believes in the idea that blacks are generally better athletes than whites, he also believes that hard work is the most important thing for someone who wants to be good at a sport. A possible theme for the story is that hard work and drive are more important than someone’s race when it comes to being good at a sport. Two possible criticisms that could be used to analyze this piece are racial and reader response criticism. I would recommend this piece of literature to other readers because it can open a reader’s eyes and introduce them to the racial aspects of sports that are never talked about.

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