Building my PC

Building my computer Have you ever built a 850 dollar gaming computer in your life? It was a hot summer evening, my Dad and I had just finished cutting the dead palm fronds off of the palm tree. My Dad and I went to Panera as usual after we ate, as I ordered I remembered counting my earned money back at home and decided to tell my Dad that after we got our food and ate.

We sat down at our booth and I said, “Dad I counted my money back at home, I have 850$, so I was wondering because I have enough, may we order my computer parts tonight?” My Dad quickly responded, “Sure, just I would like to count the money and see If you actually have the money.” I rushed to finish my sandwich so we could get home and order the parts.Once my Dad finished his soup we got into my Dad’s car.We drove home, as soon as we got there I looked for my wallet, I found it where I had left It a few hours ago.I went to my Dad with the wallet that was dripping in money, handed it to him ands then went on my laptop.

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“I’ll count the money in about an hour and we can order the parts later tonight,.” My Dad answered. I walked away excited knowing that In a few days,my parts would arrive.I went onto my laptop to let time pass, I was watching videos typically on building computers so I knew how to once the parts arrived.I waited and waited, then finally maybe an hour or 2 later, my Dad came in and told me he counted the money and we can order the parts.We walked over to the coffee table, where my Dad left his laptop.

We went to the Best Buy website where I told him all the specific parts and he ordered them. I then waited three days and then the parts arrived, I was so excited.I lifted the heavy boxes one by one,once I had the boxes inside I opened them all up and gently set down each part.I was working on the computer in the kitchen, nobody was in the same room so I thought that would help me concentrate.

I then opened up the matte black case, I set it down then went to reach for the motherboard, then I realized I moved my arm too far out the case fell on its side shattering the glass panel, glass going everywhere across the floor “****” I yelled, I normally don’t swear too much but I just ruined a part already. I decided to clean up the glass and decided to kind of give up because the case that the parts would be held in had a huge 12×8 inch hole in it.I looked around for the parts to put them somewhere for the day then, I realized that in the cases box there was another glass panel.I was relieved to know I could finishmy computer that day.I assembled the computer and finished it with an hour or 2, I was real happy to know I finished it.I later did the setup and everything, then installed steam on my computer downloaded my games and played until like 11pm.

I really think learned a lot from this even though I did something millions of other people could do.I don’t think most people would be too interested in knowing about this but, I personally would love to hear from other people who built a computer and made their narrative about it.I overall thought building my computer was not to difficult but, it was something I really had to work to.I also realized along the way that If you really want something nice you have to work very hard for it, such as a nice car or house.In conclusion I really enjoyedbuilding my computer and had a lot of fun writing this essay.