A Case Study on Building the Certified Angus Beef Brand

Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is a brand name-based beef production organization accounts for retail and restaurant beef sales estimated to total $4 billion per year. CAB brand was formed in 1975 to provide high quality of beef to consumers. Its foundation was the creation of a USDA-certified brand which provided CAB legitimacy and the first-mover status that still guides its brand success today (Gibbers and Jones, 93).

CAB is the sole owner of its brand name. It sells “Certified Angus Beef” to upscale supermarket and restaurants.

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CAB uses a vertically-integrated, price-driven organizational model to run its organization. It starts from the point of initial genetic selection all the way to the final point of sale. CAB brand beef faces many competitors from the other brand name beef productions. Moreover, the beef products from CAB compete with many fast food restaurants marketing Angus beef products.

Although these businesses do have the rights to claim that their beef comes from the Angus cattle, the beef used by these fast food restaurants are not the same as the Certified Angus Beef brand name and all it stands for.

The most challenging issue for CAB brand beef is how to sustain its positive brand name, and to educate consumers how to differentiate CAB beef from the imitators who employ marketing tactics on Angus name. I didn’t know there is a beef brand called Certified

Angus Beef before I read this case study report. I could only recognize Angus beef because of it served in fast food restaurants. Now, I realized Certified Angus Beef brand beef and Angus beef are different products. I believe CAB organization needs to let public aware of their beef products are unique to their brand than the rest of Angus beef.

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