Brand case Study

A Business Images and Brand Promises Case Studies Case Study I Since opening in a suburb of a major metropolitan area two years ago, Paulo’s Pepper Pizza has consistently had a huge line of customers waiting for a table. Pablo, the owner, attributes this to his strong belief that customers are entitled to high quality food at inexpensive prices.

His brand promise is to consistently create a fun, family- oriented environment centered around great food that won’t break the budget. This EAI is demonstrated at many different touchiness with customers.

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Parents can enjoy the $5. 00 all-you-can-eat pizza and salad buffet while watching the game on the television screen. Kids receive a complimentary activity book along with a packet of crayons and unlimited trips to the dessert bar stocked with fruit, pizza, and cookies. From time to time, Pablo even personally invites the children to watch the pizzas being made through a glass window.

The employees seem to enjoy this as much as the children do, especially when the children smile as the pizza dough is goosed high into the air.

It’s a good thing, too- a friendly attitude is stressed at Meekly staff meetings. During this time, Pablo also reminds the cooks to keep a fresh supply of a variety of pizzas on the buffet line, and he instructs the busters to quickly clear dirty plates from the tables. All this must be working because the place is still packer! Answer the following questions. 1 . What are Paulo’s Pepper Pizza’s core values? 2.

What is Paulo’s Pepper Pizza’s brand promise, and how does the restaurant attempt to live up to this promise? What words best describe Paulo’s Pepper Pizza’s brand personality? 4. What does Pablo do to integrate his brand values into employees’ activities? 5. How might Pablo evaluate the effectiveness of his brand? 5. What other things could Paulo’s Pepper Pizza do to build its brand? Case II Read the case study and then working in groups recommend ways that the small business can further build its brand using the information provided. Dog owners cannot seem to get enough of Dogs Soap n Suds, a small business that offers a new incept in pet grooming care.

Unlike traditional per-grooming salons, dog owner pay around $10. 00 for the use of Dogs Soap n Suds’ bathtubs, soaps, hoses, towels, and blow dryers. Many find that doing the grooming themselves not only saves money, it provides a time to interact in a clean, safe environment with their dogs. For an extra fee, they can also dip their dog in a flea bath. Unhappy customers (although rare) are given their money back because Dogs Soap n Suds believe in total satisfaction.

This life, along with the convenience that Dogs Soap n Suds offers to customers-no mess to clean up at home and no supplies to purchase-is the very foundation of Dogs Soap n Suds’ existence. Furthermore, the business has hopes of opening another location within the next year and perhaps expanding upon its services. 1. Define and “rite the core values. 2 Craft brand promise. 3.

Describe the brand personality. 4. Select a name/develop a brand symbol. 5. Protect the identity of the brand.

5. Integrate the brand values. 7. Evaluate the effectiveness of the brand.