Building a New World

Building a new worldThe amount of tech that we have in the world has all been created by our engineers, but our robotic engineers have been the leaders.

Walking into a white lab, building robotic machines, Testing in field, Revealing to the public and repeating becoming one is my chance to join the cycle. Becoming a robotic engineer is it’s best by itself but some of the earnings make it much better.Working for the benefitsMost tech today in the world was and still is being created by robotics engineers.Thesalary for is at average $51,143 and while working can go to 147,190 a year(“Robotics Engineer”).Along with this benefit the road to becoming one to earn this is tougher without knowing what to expect.

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The proper education you need to become a robotics engineer is a bachelor’s and a two-year master’s degree. The same thing would go with how much you know about robotic engineers going in you would need experience with have mechanical,manufacturing,electrical and industrial engineering skills (“Robotics Engineer”).-Robotic Engineering University’sUniversity of GeorgiaUniversity of Southern CarolinaUniversity of WashingtonThe benefitsThe category of robotics that I would want to work is for military purposes but all the requirements are still the same meaning skills required is to highly creative,self motivated,good math and applied physical science. The risks of becoming a robotics engineer is that the type of work I’d be doing would very difficult. The benefit from that is that you would get put into a group with other people most likely working on the same project.Military AdvancementsThe hours you would work would and will be from an entire working week go to 40 hours of work.

With the different locations to work at I would want to work in North Central University to get me started off with and to help know what I will be working with. Most of the my personal benefits of becoming a robotics engineer is getting the chance to create new machines and possibly in the future work on military advance gear.A better futureTherefore becoming a robotic engineers allows you to plan,create,and release to the public and repeat. This job would be and is the best job for people who love to create new things and have other people realize your work. Take your first step into building the world into a better place.Works Cited”Robotics Engineer.

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