Burt’s Bees’ Case study report

At the very first craft fair they sold $200 worth and by the end of the first year sales climbed to $20,000. After that there sale were increasing every year and in 1989 they ad started hiring employees and had 44 employees and they also expanded the product line to include other handmade crafts bees wax based products like lip balm. The company was totally debt free and had never taken out a loan. In 1994 Burst’s Bees’ had to move the business to new location due to the lack of expertise and high cost of doing business.

And the sales were not growing over $3 million although It has a lot more potential, The business needed a place where It is possible to get skilled labor and more chances to get expand. But as we all know every decision has its pros and cons. Similarly Quinsy decision of moving the Burst’s Bees’ business to a new place had its consequences as well such as higher pay rate which would have to pay to the skilled employees, so would have to work on that too and had to made a decision about doing a business at new place or move back to its previous location where they could get a cheap labor.

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To get the conclusion about whether they should stay and do a business at new location or going back to the previous location would be beneficial or she if she would sell the company and fulfill her other dreams which she always wanted to make them a reality that would be good, before reaching o the answer we need to analyses all pros and cons of each decision. As of now she has three choices: 1.

Stay In North Carolina 2. Move Dock to Marine 3.

Sell the company Each of the above choice has its own pros and cons which are briefly discussed as below. Stay in North Caroline pros Cons More chances to grow and expand a business Skilled labor is expensive Tax rates were less Have to focus on only skincare products Skilled labor Can’t keep its original product line such as handmade products Central and well place location Move back to Maine Cheap labor High transport cost They can go with the same product line

Unskilled labor High payroll taxes Less chances of growing business Sales are not growing despite of having lot of potential Sell the company Can fulfill her other dreams Dream of expanding Burst’s Bees’ would not be accomplished After viewing the pros and cons of each choice we can that each of ideas of doing business is beneficial as well as has some consequences. If they would move back to Maine they have to face those problems again because which they had decided to move their business to a new location.

If they want to avoid those problems which they had at Maine in doing a business then they have to stay in North Caroline and vive a chance to the business to grow and expand more which gives the opportunity to show the real potential of the business. By staying in North Caroline they can hire a skilled labor which could give the more expertise to the business and in making tenet products, wanly teeny are lacking In Maine. N ten same nana, IT teeny Nile a skilled labor in North Caroline it would be more expensive as compare to the Maine labor cost. But the other cost of doings a business such as tax rate, transport cost is less than as in Maine. The third choice available for Roseanne Quinsy is to quit the business and sell the company. As she has mentioned in the case study that she has her other dreams to which she wants to fulfill other than running this business.

One of them is that she wants to go to India and making the handmade products there which people are more likely to buy as a home decors etc. By selling the company she could be escaped from all other problems such as running the business in North Caroline by hiring skilled labor and paying more wages, focusing only on the skin care products, or moving back the business to Maine where they had the problems of unskilled labor, high cost of doing business etc.

I have read and analyses the case study and after doing a research on pros and cons of each decision or options Roseanne have or could do I would recommend she should stay in North Caroline and continue the business at new location which would bring lots of new opportunity for the business to grow and expand. Every business needs a good location, skilled labor, low cost of running business and opportunities to increase sales and expand and Burst’s Bees’ can all get this by staying in North Caroline Reference http://www. Burgesses. Com.

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