Case Study Report: Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. They take pride In delivering foods from the farm to the table In a quick, precise and quality manner. Fresh Direct was started in 2001 by Joseph Fiddle and Jason Ackerman in the New York area.

The company set very high quality standards and staffed their 300,000-square-foot production facility with the highest trained personnel. The result was very fresh perishable Items (the company’s specialty) and low prices. Fresh Direct was able to keep prices low by “completely eliminating the middleman and not accepting any slotting allowances” (Does, 2012). The quality of Fresh Directed food was accomplished by buying local, in-season fruits and vegetables and keeping all items at a desirable temperature.

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The production facility is equipped with a software system that controls everything done at the facility.

If temperature ranges need to be changed, they can be done so in the control room. Staff on the facility floor will be alerted by a monitoring system if any temperatures fall out of range. The result of this diligence to quality is seen by the company’s growth and revenue over the past 12 years. The Fresh Direct mission Is to help customers lead healthy lives without compromising their busy schedules.

The customer should be able to choose if they want their food delivered during the day or in the evening. There could be 2 small 2 hour delivery windows (for people that work day shift or night shift).

This type of addition wouldn’t cost the company much, could be integrated into the online ordering system easily and would expand the customer base. To initiate the planning of this change, I would hold a session with an outside source (such as a customer), a few board members, some floor employees, IT employees and a scribe. After this session we could start the workings that would initiate an expanded delivery service. OPINION I loved this case study.

I think that Fresh Direct is a well-driven business with excellent quality and cleanliness values. If I lived in the area that Fresh Direct sells o, I would be a customer.

From this case study, I learned that a company does not have to forfeit values or profits to succeed. Fresh Direct produces quality products, from local farmers at a great cost delivered to the customer’s door. How much better can grocery shopping get?