Business and Economics

Business ethics calls for having all the stakeholders at heart during the initial production phase up to the consumer level.

It means that all players have to be catered for in the success of the company. Satisfaction should not be looked at on the side of the company only but also at the consumers. It calls for motivating the employees in order to create an amicable environment for profit making. Companies always strive to ensure that they embrace business ethics in all their transactions. Consumers also base and value a company on the way they are handled, and if they tastes and preferences are met.

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Nike, Inc. is a large company that is analyzed in this paper in a bid to understand their application of business ethics. NIKE, Inc. is a company based near the famous Beaverton, Oregon.

It is one of the world’s leading designers, marketers and also distributors of all authentic athletic equipment, footwear, accessories and apparel for various sports and also fitness activities. The renowned and wholly-owned subsidiaries of NIKE include Cole Haan, that designs, distributes and markets luxury coats, shoes, accessories and handbags; Converse Inc., which is known for designing, marketing and distributing athletic accessories, footwear and apparel; Hurley International LLC, known for designing, marketing and distributing all apparel, accessories, action sports and many youth lifestyle footwear; and Umbro International Limited, famous for designing, distributing and licensing equipment, athletic and also casual footwear, apparel, which are mainly primarily for soccer. Business ethics not only relate to the sales or final product that comes to the market but the whole process, including customers’ satisfaction.

Product Design Nike advocates for and invests in designing products that meet the needs of their customers. They consider the tastes and preferences of customers and heed to all their demands. Their design ethos and also indexes clearly define the level of environmental sustainability that they seek to maintain. They are not only out to make a profit but also work towards the general welfare of individuals. However, there is more to what the company claims to have achieved. Environmental sustainability does not only rely on the final products.

It is not clear how they work out the environmental pollution especially during the production phase. This is the main critical point in any production. Secondly, they have not illustrated where their waste products are thrown after the production. It is normal that all companies have waste products, putting in mind that NIKE is a large company. The material used to produce most of their products is nonrecyclable. This means that they constitute to environmental pollution hence degradation.

The protection of their workers during the design phase is also a point to consider. They have an upper hand over other companies when it comes to design of their products. Their large market base gives them an edge over others as they can research better to understand the market which they deal in. Their long history and experience play a crucial role in ensuring that they stay in the market. The highlighte issues should be looked at in order to ensure business ethics are followed to the latter. Climate/Energy This is a critical area in any company.

Mechanism should always be set to ensure that energy is used sustainably. Climate is also an environmental sector that is called for by many international organizations. The environment is the home for every person in the world. If it is not well managed, all living species will be in danger. NIKE has a goal towards environmental conservation and energy sustainability. The company is out to achieve over 20 percent reduction of all carbon (iv) oxide emissions per unit.

This rate is to be achieved from the perceived FY11 levels realized through to FY15. This desired goals come from the assessed footprint that are in the built environment, footwear manufacturing and also inbound transportation. This is a goal they are yet to achieve.The current statistics, from many analysts show that their production levels are a hindrance to sustainable environmental conservation. As a large and renowned company, they should have a department for quality and environmental management. They should clearly state where they dispose their wastes and the general effects of their production phase and final products to the environment.

Environmental management should be a significant established department a company like NIKE. It should be allocated the most resources as the production of all these products not only affects the company but the world. The little emissions released by NIKE during its production considerably account for the final environmental degradation and pollution. NIKE should, therefore, allocate more resources to environmental management and conservation. They should also apply the use of carbon sequesters that help in dealing with carbon (IV) oxide and carbon (ii) oxide emissions to the atmosphere. This will ensure that they meet their environmental targets.

They will also be in line with the environmental calls from global organizations. Labor These are the main determinants of the success of any company. They have the skills and competence in all products they deal with. They understand the company, depending on the department with which they work in. business ethics calls for respecting the rights of employees. It also calls for motivation of the same employees in order to realize profits in the business.

NIKE has been on the forefront in fighting for all rights of stakeholders. They also protect the safety and also lives of their employees during production. They understand that most of their employees have families who look up to them and hence their protection is vital. Manufacturing most of the world’s authentic athletic equipment, footwear, accessories and apparel for various sports and also fitness activities require maximum protection of employees. This calls for a stable health insurance scheme, safety measures at the places of work and also risk insurance in case any emergency occurs while one is at work. NIKE has effective mechanisms that ensure their workers are well catered for and proteccted from any injuries.

The gears they wear at work and during distribution is only an example of their quest towards meeting the business ethics. The number of employees is encouraging. The branches that NIKE has call for a large employee base. This shows that NIKE also supports job creation. This is a quality of effective application of business ethics.

Despite the fact that they also employ the use of technology, they do not ignore the societal call for employment. The commitment that most of their workers show towards the production, marketing and distribution is an indication of motivation within and without the organization. The main sources that illustrate this are the commitment the company has to its workers and also sustainability by always achieving minimum of Bronze in their Sourcing & also Manufacturing Sustainability Index. This includes measures that base on worker rights and their protections, progressive movement towards the renowned Fair Labor Association’s sought definition of every “fair wage” approach. They have at all levels promoted business ethics and many societies are grateful to them.

Corporate Responsibility This is a sector that all companies have to consider in line with business ethics.NIKE believes in the power that human potential has. They are out to empower and also support the communities that they live, work and also play. Their community engagement and strategy has always focused on the some key areas which include: Expanding of access to all sports. This is done at all community levels in which NIKE participates in their initiatives. Their main aim for this goal is to break and also prevent the intergenerational cycles that exist in most inactivate societies.

This will help engage most youths in positive activities. Most youths are always idle, which makes them engage in criminal activities and also drugs. NIKE has received many awards due to this initiative. However, they have to expand to other areas in order to touch more lives. Engaging all consumers and also employees directly in a bid to help create realizable innovative solutions to many social and also environmental issues.

This means that the society will be enlightened in relation to the environmental conservation and protection. This is an area that the company has to give more weight as it directly affects them. Nike is a large company that has a broad historical background. It has been in business for a very long time. Its market is celebrated by many, and its products are of high quality.

Their participation in community events, helping youths achieve their targets, and enlightening the society on the importance of environmental management is a thing to celebrate. Business ethics applies to all sectors of production, and NIKE has achieved a lot in line with it. With improvement in the carbon emissions and waste management sector, they will have achieved most of their goals. They will also be in line with the environmental calls that global organizations advocate for.