Business re-engineering case study

The Group employs innovative marketing promotions, and also arranges occasional fundraising campaigns through its stores for leading charities. All this is supported behind the scenes by efficient management, strong investment in human resources, effective cost control and strict quality management. This combination of quality products, attractive stores and strong management will ensure that bossing remains the brand of choice for fashionable high quality casual Near rhea traditional marketing and management of fast fashion industry is experiencing a revolution because of the emerging of e-commerce.

Since the birth of e-commerce, businesses have been able to make use of the Internet in reducing costs associated with archiving, managing supplier relationships, streamlining logistics and inventory, and developing strategic advantage and successful implementation of business re-engineering.

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E-commerce allows companies to Improve communications within the supply chain and enhance service offering, thus providing chances for competitive differentiation. That may explain why so many online retailing companies merged in China recently, such as Joy Amazon, Dancing, Taboo, Vance and 360 Buy. Do you need Best Buy Case Study Financial Analysis? You found it!

This article takes Ezra and Vance in comparison for case study to analyze the success of he newly merging online retailing company in fast fashion industry and raises suggestions for Chinese fast fashion industry to stay competitive in the torture. II.

Consumers are reluctant to spend on discretionary items, and when they do, they expect fashion, quality and low cost items. Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion Manuscript received July 4, 2011; revised August 1, 2011. This work was supported in part by the Economic and Management Deep. China University of Petroleum East China. Nee Changing is with Economic and Management Deep.

And International Business Deep. , China University of Petroleum, Kingdom, Sandhog, China (email: [email protected] Due. CNN). Chou Lie is with Economic and Management Deep.

, China University of Petroleum, China (e-mail: retailers to acknowledge that designs move from catwalk to store in the fastest time to capture current trends in the market. The apparel products are designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current clothing styles at a lower price.

Since the primary objective of the fast fashion is to quickly produce a product in a cost efficient manner, most companies in fast fashion industry appear as a vertical integration of design, Just-in-time production, delivery and sales. Also, it places great emphasis on the efficiency of the supply chain. Because of competitive forces and reducing fashion cycles, retailers have been forced to develop strategies, enabling them to control the supply chain more closely, thus allowing them to source quality products at competitive prices [1].