CAM plants

CAM plants are plants that use certain special compounds to gather carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) during photosynthesis.

using these compounds allows these plants to extract more co 2 from a given amount Of air, helping them prevent water loss in dry climates. CAM and c4 plants are similar with the exception that CAM only opens up the stomata’s at night. They both photosynthesis at the same rate for the majority at a time and are tolerate to heat. Plus c4 closes their stomata’s during hot ummer weather and when the water Is scarce.

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How C3 differs from C4 (CAM is C4 with the timing of the stomata shltted)C3 plants are slow because they use rubisco & natural rates ot diffusion ot both H20 & C02 gases.

C4 plants speed up the diffusion rate of C02 b}’ -pulling- it into storage ata slight cost by provldlng PEPCase for an assisted rate of diffusion as a first step to C3 RuBlsCo carboxylase process. The C4 plants use as little as of the total transpired volume of water from a C3 plant to fix the same amount of carbon. CAM hanges the stomate opening is timed so the gases are exchanged at night, and the C02 is sequestered by the C4 pathway.

Time delay plus physical C4 style C02 storage are added to C3 carbon PEPCase in mesophyll before RuBisCo as the secondary carboxylase. C3 photosynthesis rate is slower than C4 because it happens in cooler temperatures . This means C3plants fix less carbon per year.

Both CA and CAM photorespire because photorespiration is an inate property of the enzyme RLJ3Pcarboxylase_ In both CAM and C4 plants C02 is first ‘fixed’ into C4 rganic acids and then C02 is released to dive the RLJ3PCase reaction either in the bundle sheath cells (CA) under high C02 conditions or at night (CAM), Because C 3, CAM and CA pathways ultimately fix carbon via RLJ3?

Case (either as the first Step for C3 or the second fixation for C4 and CAM), they all have some level Of photorespiration. Because the rate of photorespiration is influenced by the concentration of c02 and both CAM and CA have c02 concentration mechamsms, the rates are lower in these plants but still It occurs. et Shared from MagicalPad