Experiment to Gauge the Growth Rate of Plants

Work Division Everyone will plant the green bean and make a deep investigation about a 10 days experiment. -Jasper have divide us in to different Jobs and give us the method to achieve our alms and goals TimeLine 28/11 10days observatlon-> 10/12 Collect data-> 11/12 Doing report-> 13/12 Deadline 1. Objective We will strive to discover the difference of the plant which is using different type water to plant. Besides, we will also discover the reason why the difference will hange the growth rate 2.

Hypothesis using tap water to plant will have faster growth rate instead of salt water 3.

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Materials 1 cup, 3 green beans, 30g of cottons 4. Table of variables Control variables Dependent variables Independent Amount and kind of cottons Growth rates of each plants Type of water Amount of water Height of each plant Amount and kind of beans same slze 0T cup Same environment 5. Experiment procedures -SETUP 1 . Put 20g of cotton to the bottom of the two cups 2. Put two beans at the top of the cottons in both cups .

Sprinkle them with salt water in the first cup, and sprinkle the others one with tap water Our measuring Units is the height which is centimeter We will use the ruler to measure the growth -TIMES We will grow the beans for 10 days and we will observe them by taking photo and we finally got 5 days data for both plants 6.

Result What I observe- 1. I can observe that those green bean which is sprinkle by tap water will be looking greener and they grow faster and stronger, their leaves is sharp.