Can Earth End Because of Global Warming?

Can the world end by global warming in the next 50 years? It’s already happening.

Earth is showing many signs of worldwide climate change; glaciers melting, the ozone layer being destroyed, and high temperatures. People instead of saving it, are destroying it because they’re taking down trees and releasing pollution. It’s possible that the Earth will end by global warming because Arctic Ice is rapidly disappearing, Forestation can help us but we are cutting down the trees. At some point in the future global warming will become uncontrollable. Global Warming can destroy the world because the Arctic Ice is rapidly disappearing.

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The region may have its first complete ice-free by summer 2040 or even earlier according to Polar bears are already suffering from Ice Sea lost. Glaciers and mountains are rapidly melting, for example: “Montana’s Glaciers National Park has now only 27 glaciers versus 150 glaciers in 1910”. One way to prevent the Arctic ice from disappearing completely is to stop using cars and start walking or ride a bike.

So you don’t release carbon dioxide. This now leads to the next problem deforestation. Global Warming can destroy the Earth because of deforestation on mountains, forests and parks. Water, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, all green house gases that are being release are trapping heat on the Earth’s atmosphere according to That means that humans are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than plants, trees and oceans can absorb it. Some experts point out that if we don’t stop this it can destroy the atmosphere and the sun’s rays will pass more easily, able to destroy all food crops. To protect the planet’s atmosphere we have to stop the cutting down trees and stop producing gasses. Because were killing what can help us live and survive.

This now leads to the next problem global warming being uncontrollable in the future. If we don’t stop Global Warming now at one point in the future it can become uncontrollable. Sea level can rise between 7 to 23 inches and can flood many South Seas islands and swamps large parts of Southern Asia according to Some hundred million people live within 3 feet of sea level and much of the world’s population is concentrated in vulnerable coastal cities in U.

S, Louisiana and Florida especially at risk. Strong hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, wildfires and other natural disasters may become common place in many parts of the world. Many animals have been extinct from disappearing habitat. One way to prevent global warming becoming uncontrollable is to protect the planet by not making too much carbon dioxide and recycle before it’s too “late!” Global Warming can be stopped but we all need to help the world, if we don’t do it, it can be worse in the future, because then global warming can become uncontrollable, according to they say that global warming is the main reason that can be able to end with the world because of all Arctic ice melting everywhere, all of the pollution from the cars and factories, deforestation because we are destroying what can help us survive.

Sea level can rise up to 7 to 23 inches and about a hundred million people may be in danger, especially U.S, Louisiana and Florida.