Global Warming is Affecting the World

How do we really know if Global Warming is affecting the world. Even though people believe that Global Warming isn’t harming the world , I believe we can firmly state that Global Warming is a huge threat. Global Warming is affecting the world because it is destabilizing the economy , eliminating the food sources,and accelerating the military conflict.Global Warming is affecting the world because it will destabilize the economy. I know that because carbon dioxide is a primary reason why our atmosphere is warm enough to support human life.

Secondly because it is likely that we will need more energy in the next 40 years than we have used in the last 200 years. The last reason is burning fossil fuels are irrefutably warming the planet outside our comfort zone.Second reason Global Warming is affecting the world because it is eliminating food. I know that because moisture is more likely to come in torrential downpours or not at all. The second reason how I know is because food and water shortages have resulted in conflict and massive migration. Last how I know that is because we can provide aid now or suffer far greater costs as developing states consume more fossil fuels, produce more warming and destabilize the climate even more.

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Last reason Global Warming is affecting the world because it will Accelerate Military Conflict. It will do that by letting noble sacrifice against those who threaten their lands, families and culture. Secondly by knowing this theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed. Lastly because the climate changes and food and water shortages become more widespread.Many people believe Global Warming is helping the world out.

However, there is evidence that confirms that it isn’t. The fact is, We have a lot of evidence that Global warming is hurting the world. Therefore, Global Warming isn’t helping the world out. There is solid proof it is.