Global Warming Problem

Global warming is the rise of the temperatures on the atmosphere of the earth. In the recent years, the average temperature of the earth is rising with the global temperature rising by 0.8 degrees centigrade. Global warming in the country has adverse effects on the citizens and hence a serious issue.

Global warming affects the environment and leads to change in the lifestyle of the citizens. Global warming costs the country a large amount of resources to deal with its effects. Many of the activities of the country are involving in the activities that lead to global warming. The aim of this essay is to analyze global warming, the effects of global warming causes and appropriate measures that the country can use to combat effects and the causes of the same. Global warming leads to climate change.

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Global warming causes melting of ice in the mountains and melting of icebergs in seas. The melting of the ice leads to rise in the sea levels, which cause changes in the precipitation amounts in the atmosphere. Global warming has varying effects on different parts of the world with some experiencing droughts others excessive rainfall. The effects vary with different times of the year. Global warming also destroys the protective layer of the earth’s atmosphere leading to the harmful heat waves reaching the earth’s surface.

The country is experiecing adverse effects of global warming. One of the effects is excessive rainfall that causes flooding. Some parts of the country are experiencing floods during the rainy seasons leading to loss of human life and property. The country experiences a lot of loss in terms of revenue through the floods. The country compensates for the loss of life and property to the victims of floods. The resources that the country uses on the compensation can be used elsewhere therefore the affecting the economy.

Some other parts of the country experience droughts. Droughts have serious effects and lead to famine. Therefore, global warming leads to food insecurity. The country must ensure that all its citizens have enough food. Through providing food for its citizens after crop unproductivity because of droughts, the country loses a lot of revenue that it can use elsewhere therefore affecting the country’s economy. Through the erosion of a protective layer of the earth’s atmosphere, heat waves can reach the earth’s atmosphere.

The heat waves are carcinogenic. The heat waves cause cancer in human beings especially the cancer of the skin. Cancer claims many lives in the country per year. Productive young citizens are losing their lives daily to cancer. Cancer also drains the resources of the community as the victims pursue the cure for the condition.

The country hhas put many resources on cancer too. Besides loss of life, the country loses many funds affecting the economy. Other effects of global warming in the country include extinction of some animal and plant species. The extinction is because of climate change, which is unfavorable for the animals and the plants. Therefore, global warming affects the ecosystem that humans depend on.

Despite all the cons of global warming above, global warming has some advantages too. In some parts of the country, global warming leads to longer growing season for farmers and may lead to a higher crop yields due to the increase in the amount of precipitation in the atmosphere.The causes of global warming are within the citizens of the country and the world at large. Increased use of fossil fuels and emission of greenhouse gases are the leading causes of global warming. Control of emission of greenhouse gases is the only solution that the country has to prevent further global warming and its effects. Conclusion Global warming is a serious issue in the country leading to adverse effects like deaths, food insecurity, floods, droughts, and extinction of animal and plant species.

Therefore, the country must put measures to combat global warming.