Case Study on Effects of Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming Case Study:

Global warming is the process of the increase of the average temperature of Earth. The process is quite gradual and is caused by the natural and anthropogenic factors. In fact, the impact of the human activity is the leading one, because people have been devastating and polluting the planet heavily for the latest century. Global warming is mainly caused by the air pollution, because the high concentrations of carbon dioxide produced by the heavy industry accumulates heat and causes the so called greenhouse effect, which heats the atmosphere increasing the average temperature and contaminating the air.

The smog which is produced by the industrial wastes does not let the sunlight reflect to the space back and the light remains in the atmospheres heating it.For more than fifteen years the problem of global warming has been the most popular one, because the scientists all over the world noticed the gradual increase of the temperature and the effect of this warming up process. The most obvious effect of the global warming up process is the increase of the average temperature what influences the climate of the certain zones.With the change of climate changes the flora and fauna and it affects the agriculture negatively, and as a result there is problem with food supply. In addition, the increase of the temperature melts the northern snow caps and the melt water increases the sea level.

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As a result vast territories remain underwater. Moreover, the weather becomes extreme and every year there are serious ruining natural disasters which have never happened of these territories before.There are many negative effects of global warming and now the major duty of the humanity is to stop it or at least reduce the tempo of the temperature growth. A good case study about the effects of global warming is supposed to observe the problem from all sides in order to understand all the negative impact of the process on the planet and its inhabitants. The student is supposed to learn about the cause of global warming, evaluate all the factors and their impact of the process and then study the effect.

It is important to devote time to the solution of the problem, because now it is the most complicated puzzle for scientists.Case study writing is a serious assignment which requires responsibility and knowledge. The student is supposed to know about the standards of writing everything and if he has troubles with it, he can look through a free example case study on effects of global warming in India and borrow the writer’s research approach and the structure of the paper. A well-formatted free sample case study on effects of global warming is a reasonable piece of help for every student, who wants to see a successful model of writing.