Case Study on Global Warming

Global Warming Case Study:

Global warming is the process which is characterized with the rise of the average annual temperature on the planet. Every year the temperature on Earth rises on several percents of the degree and even such slight changes influence the life on the planet greatly. When the temperature changes on several degrees, the climate will change considerably.

Some areas of the world can change because the climatic changes. For example, some places can turn into deserts and some places will be flooded and even disappear under the water. The reason for this fact is very simple: the ice which covers Northern and Southern poles melts down because of the rise of temperature and the global sea level rises as well. As a result the territories which are situated under or on the sea level will disappear under the water.There are many reasons which influence global warming up process. First of all in the intensive human activity influences the ecological situation of the planet negatively.

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The industrial development of the world pollutes the environment and mostly the air. Millions of tons of the industrial wastes and smoke contaminate the air and cause the greenhouse effect, which is one of the factors of the global warming. Other factors do not depend on the human activity, but on the energy of the sun and the planet itself. The temperature has been rising gradually since the end of the XVIIIth century and it is obvious that human activity of that time did not have any impact on the ecological condition of Earth.Global warming is the most serious problem which threatens life of people. The problems which can be caused by the global warming can deprive people from food, territory, pure drinking water, etc.

The humanity should understand that the process is extremely dangerous, because total climatic changes can destroy life on the planet. A student who is researching the problem is expected to reveal the topic from all sides and attract the attention of the readers. First of all it is important to realize the reasons of global warming and then to investigate the case suggested for the analysis. A student will need to explain the cause and effect of the problem in the case and draw wise conclusions which can value the importance of the problem.Young people who expect to complete a successful case study should borrow someone’s experience to see how a good paper of this kind looks like. Due to the Internet one can read a free example case study on global warming in India and plan the work on his own paper.

A free sample case study on global warming will teach students compose the paper logically and format it professionally.