Can Your Brain Produce Images to Your Body After You Die?

“Your brain is the organ of your personality, character, and intelligence and is heavily involved in making you who you are”(Daniel Amen). So what happens to this complex organ and what happens to the mind after someone passes away? There is strong research that shows that the brain shows yourself intense hallucinations far after the body passes away. There have also been studies on human patients showing that before someone dies there is something called spreading depression after the person dies there is a flurry of this which leads to researchers to believe that the brain shutting down could be reversed. To begin, It’s interesting to think that you could possibly know what’s going on when you die or you may see a vision of something happened early in your life. There is evidence supporting the fact that if you were resurrected after death such as some cardiac arrest survivors, they describe their experiences after death as seemingly still alive and able to use their senses.

One survivor said that they could hear the doctors talking as they were trying to save them. This shows that the brain and the mind are still able to function even after a person has been announced clinically dead. Although some of the cardiac arrest survivors said that they experienced nothing or don’t remember seeing anything other than just black. In 2013 an experiment at the University of Michigan tested to see what the brain activities in clinically dead rats were. They were surprised to see that within thirty seconds after the death of the rats there was a surge of highly synchronized brain activity, along with this you could see the activities of a highly aroused brain. This shows that it is possible that the mind in a human can still function and produce images or feelings in the person’s mind.

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For all we know with the knowledge that we have today, the mind could be active for hours after a person is announced clinically dead. To think that if you were resurrected during a cardiac arrest or right before death you can see images of your life is pretty spectacular. Now knowing this, the saying “your life flashes before your eyes” isn’t just an understatement, we now know that this is a real thing and it can happen to any of us. Although, on the other hand, some Neurologist believe that since the blood supply for our brain is pumped from underneath the brain would end up dying or losing blood from the top down. Which means that our sense of self and our ability to think forward would be the first to go within the first 10 to 20 seconds. This leads to the spread of the dead brain cells which kills the memory receptors in our brain.

This leads to them being skeptical that the brain and mind can produce images or pictures in the person’s mind. In conclusion, The brain and the mind can show images and pictures to you after you are clinically dead. Scientists are still studying this to further their knowledge of how the brain responds to a person’s own death. I thought this was an interesting topic and I hope you liked it. Works Cited Dockrill, Peter.

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