The Mysteries and Powers of the Human Brain.

Did you know your brain makes up you, the way you think, your decisions, and your personality? The brain is the most active part inside your body besides the heart. Neurons constantly triggering one another. What are Neurons? These are the things(very small) in your brain which are all connected to one another.

There are thousands of them inside your brain. One neuron goes off, the electric current travels over to more than one hundred more neurons to decide one small movement. Neurons go off 24/7 whether you are awake or sleep. Of course they are most active when you’re awake, but here’s something interesting: scientist discovered that your brain repeats the same electric patterns it went through while you were awake in your sleep. I’m not saying you dream the -exact- same thing that happened to you in your day though. Sometimes your brain is trying to tell you things.

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.let you know things in your sleep.. I know it may sound crazy, but your brain is way smarter than you. Even the smartest humans with the highed IQ’s can only use up to five percent of their brain power. The full potential of your brain is unknown, it is very powerful.

With that much activity going on in your head you’d be able to bend matter, disconnect molecules, discintigrate anything you wanted. The full power of your brain would be able to form wood, steel, anything you want and know at will. Any object or food at your own will, if you knew it’s chemical/physical makeup of course. But the power of the brain is equally dangerous, a human using one hundred percent brain power would be able to destroy anything at will..