Car Accident

Reflection can be defined as a “deliberate process of thinking about and interpreting experience in order to learn from it. It normally involves a critical analysis of both thoughts and actions, which results in a changed behavior or conceptual perspective.Accidents happen each and every day in our live and it’s upon us to be careful when driving.

There are various factors which contributes to car accident and the include vehicle plan, velocity of operation, road plan, and driver impairment. International automobile collision leads to various death and disability as well as important monetary costs to both society and the person.In 2005 there were more than, 520,000 automobile accidents in the United States. The monetary cost of these car accidents is more than 330 Billion dollars. 2.

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8 million Inhabitants were wounded and 42,734 people died on the spot. About 111 people pass away each and every day in automobile crashes in the United States. In 2004 there were 6,354,000 automobile accidents in the United States. There were 2.8 million wounded and 52,543 people were killed in automobile accidents.

A 1990 case study Moris Korir, established that 58 percent of crashes were due exclusively to driver factors, 28 percent to combined highway and driver issues, 7 percent to combined motor vehicle and driver issues, 4 percent solely to roadway issue, 2 percent to combined highway, driver, and automobile factors, 1 percent solely to automobile factors and 0.1 percent to combined highway and vehicle issues.A woman was driving along Kenyatta Avenue as she was using her phone to text her boyfriend. There was a track that was approaching from the left but seen the woman was so busy texting she dint see the truck. After a short while the woman had reached a certain terminal and was supposed to give way.

Unfortunately, it was too late when she realized she had passed the terminal and she had collided with the truck.This created huge attention, all the people who were near the scene rushed to help the survivors. The bad thing is that it was dark and raining thus made it hard to remove the ladies vehicles which were underneath the truck. The lady was unconscious and dint respond to anything she was asked. After a short while police had arrived to the indent scene and were trying to help.

After twenty minutes, the lady hard already been saved , luckily she was still arrive but her arm and legs were broken.The accident made me understand that nothing is for certain and nothing should be taken for granted. I had forever had in mind while driving yourself you can’t cause an accident, in spite of everything you are qualified professionals. I had never actually believed dying at a young age since my grandparents is old and still alive, but this day made me see life is short. The car accident will forever be a main moment in my life since of what it showed me.

That accident made me believe that God exist. If a person can work from such a terrible accident alive and strong then nothing is impossible. I t made me believe that God has a plan for everybody and everything has a cause or concealed message.After a short while the parents of the lady arrived at the scene and were shocked to see the incident. The lady was later taken to the hospital although she had lost a lot of blood.The accident happened some minutes before ten in the evening and the shocking news was there was a young boy who was caught up with the accident.

This shocked a lot of people and people kept wondering what the boy was doing at that late hour. But according to some sources the boy was a street boy and was crossing the road when the accident occurred. It took two hours to save the little boy but unfortunately he dint survive the accident. He was immediately taken to the mortuary by the life savers. The truck driver had some injuries and was also rushed to the hospital.The police had already arrived at the scene and was looking at the fatal crash.

The applied all there tactics in reconstruct the scene of the accident. The Experts tried to determine the most likely scenario that led to the accident. Information including statements from other motor vehicle drivers, photos, skid symbols, road way issues, and laws of physics were used to examine the dynamics of the accident. The most significant proof was physical evidence from one motor vehicle who observed all that happened.After the accident the lady had streets and spent most of the time shedding teas. Severe stress caused her mental disorders.

Different changes were needed to be taken in order to manage her stress. Accordingly, different type of stress has its own ways of changes to be undertaken in order to improve stress management.There are several ways in which the lady stress was managed. This includes eliminating all possible stressors and adjusting to any possible activity that fulfills the ladies heart desires. This involved; listening to music, reading novels, newspaper or magazines, watching movies, walking, taking therapist classes among other stress removers.To begin with, it was important to learn what the lady would take, handle and avoid what she can not handle.

This was important change for improving stress management since it was allowing her to know and stick to her limits. This change did not only help her avoid any unnecessary stress but also allowed her to say no to any demanding situation or activity. This was properly implemented through rejecting any additional hard task that she couldn’t handle and that was a stressor recipe. In this circumstance, it is imperative for the lady to take heart and accept such situations. It is difficult to accept such stressor but since time is the master healer of every wound, in the long run every thing will turn out to be fine. It is simple to accept than railing not in favor of a condition she can not change.

Some of the things in life are uncontrollable; the car accident was uncontrollable, they are beyond my control. Since we cannot influence their attitude or behavior, it is possible to focus only on those things that are important and controllable in my life. The lady was in a depression and she opts to know that there are those things we can’t control I life.Sharing my thoughts and feelings is still another major way of helping the lady from her depression. It is said that a problem shared is a problem half solved. It is therefore important to talk to people about she is felling and learn to take it positive.

Talk to friends, relatives, teachers or any one whom she is close to and trust her.From this day I learned that mobile put our lives at risk. Many of us have witnessed drivers so distracted by dialing and chatting that they resemble drunk drivers, weaving between lanes, for example, or nearly running down pedestrians in crosswalks. A number of bills to regulate use of cell phones on the road have been introduced in state legislatures, and the time has come to push for their passage. Regulation is needed because drivers using phones are seriously impaired and because laws on negligent and reckless driving are not sufficient to punish offenders.

Because of mounting public awareness of the dangers of drivers distracted by phones, state legislators must begin to take the problem seriously. “It’s definitely an issue that is gaining steam around the country,” says Matt Sundeen of the National Conference of State Legislatures (qtd. in Layton C9). Lon Anderson of the American Automobile Association agrees: “There is momentum building,” he says, to pass laws (qtd. in Layton C9).

The time has come for states to adopt legislation restricting the use of cell phones in moving vehicles.