Don't Take Someone's Life

A car hit my dad seven years ago. Some girl was driving and she got a phone call; she answered it. My dad was crossing the road and her light was red.

She was distracted by her phone and wasn’t paying attention to the red light. She hit him and now he’s been in a coma for seven years. Still today. Now that girl has to live with the fact that she hit my dad and she caused him to lose everything he loved: his family, his home, and his life. Don’t be one of those people that have to live with that. When people are driving and using their phone at the same time, they are causing death towards people.

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Don’t take someone’s life just because you have a call or a text. It’s hard to lose someone or know that you took someone’s life. Teens and adults get tickets from using their phones while driving. I believe that is a good law, and it should be enforced. They get distracted and don’t pay attention to the road and where they are going. Using a phone while driving is very dangerous for the person driving and the people around that person.

Recently, in the last four years, over 6,000 people have been killed or injured from people using cell phones while driving. Using cell phones in the car should be banned everywhere because it is dangerous for the driver and for other people anywhere near the driver. Research shows that talking on the cell phone while driving is similar to driving drunk. The reason for this is that the brain cannot keep up with looking at the road, seeing other vehicles approach and looking for any other road distractions that will cause harm to the driver or any other nearby drivers and passengers. AND people cannot multitask while driving.

Driving is the major task itself. If you are using your phone while driving, you cannot see what you are doing and you have to keep your eyes on the road so there will not be an accident; no one will get hurt and no one will get killed. Some people might say that phones are useful and that the phones are needed in case of emergencies. So I say, ” Use your phone but you must pull over to use the phone or you are putting people in danger.” Aren’t injury, death, brain problems, amputations, and the loss of a loved one through death or life debilitating injury enough to make people stop using cell phones while driving? Have you ever been in a car when someone is using her phone? When I am in the car with my mom, she has me text for her so she doesn’t get in an accident and doesn’t put other people in danger. I am glad that my mom doesn’t use her phone while driving because she is being a good role model for me, and she is protecting my brother and myself.

She does not want our lives or someone else’s life to be on hold, like my dad’s. People should just stop using their phone while driving so nothing bad happens to them or other people.