Events Shape our Life

Human nature is what is normal for a human to do or to act like. What affects our human nature is the events that occur in our life. People act the way they do because of things that they go through. An event can make us have a negative or a positive personality. It’ll affect our entire life. The events in our life shape who we are.

Taking someone you love away can trigger someone into a path of depression, which can lead to bad choices. I have a friend that lost his little brother after he was killed by his stepdad. When his step dad killed his little brother, he killed his step dad. It took a while for him to go to jail and he continued to use violence. When he finally was imprisoned he found God.

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He changed and now preaches in church. Evil can turn into good, and good into evil. It all depends on what you go through in life. An example in “Macbeth” is when Macduff decided to go after Macbeth. Macduff, decided to kill Macbeth after he killed Macduff’s family and killing the king. If Macbeth wouldn’t have killed Macduff’s family and the king, Macduff wouldn’t have been so mad that he had to kill him.

Macbeth triggered Macduff’s anger. The fact that Macduff’s family was killed, lead to Macduff hating Macbeth so much, that he killed Macbeth. Sometimes, the results after the experiences are good. For example, I lost a friend that I truly cared about. This friend was a little boy.

I never told him how much I loved him. When he died, I noticed how important it is to show how you truly feel. Now, I try to express myself and let people know that I do care about them by spending more time with them.The event really changed the way I thought and acted from then on. The actions taken by us humans are caused by the events we have to go through.

The change our views on things and lead us to do things in a different way than what we are used to. These new ways can be either good or bad but mostly bad. To stay in the right track, and making the right choices think about the consequence of what every action you do can have. Some choices that we take can mark our lives or others forever.