Dont Give Up Open Up

As a quote from Helen Keller once said alone we can do so little but together we can do so much (Keller).

I was so happy to be around my family. I would always be so happy to see them until one day something happened that changed my life forever. My grandma had passed away. Now just like Helen Keller I too had an obstacle to overcome. Helen Keller was born a normal child just like everyone else in her family.

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Until one day she got sick. She had became blind and deaf at the same time. But the family had found a solution, that solution was Annie. Annie had begun to teach her language. Just like Helen I had to overcome an obstacle too.

Once my grandma died there was a hole in my heart that no one else could fill. Later that week my mom told me that grandma was being taken care of by God and that she was in a better place. That is what helped me cope with her death. Just like Helens obstacle I had too overcame my grandmas death. Like Helen I was trying to communicate with others but felt like I was just shut out from the world.

I also started learning how to talk to people again and opening back up just like Helen. After my mom told me that grandma was in a better place I began to be more social with my family. Now I had overcame my obstacle just like Helen. Like Helens quote alone we could do so little but together we can do so much.When my grandma died I felt alone and was doing so little. When my mom told me that she was ina better place I felt like she was with me right by my side .

Now I have learned from my mistakes like Helen and have started to talk to people again and make friends. From what I have learned is to never shut people out but instead let them in. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love becomes a part of us (Keller). I think that this quote relates a lot to this story of how I had overcame my obstacle.

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