My Grandparents

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt by the heart” (Helen Keller). A few years ago, I lost my grandparents John and Clara Jourdan at their home. My grandpa died because of Alzheimer and my grandma died of a stroke. Much like Helen Keller overcame her obstacle of not being able to communicate, I too overcame my obstacle of grief.

Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of not being able to communicate. When Helen was a baby, she got sick and became deaf and blind. The Keller’s hired Annie Sullivan to teach Helen. Annie was able to teach Helen trust, obedience, and language to overcome her obstacle. Like Helen Keller, I also had to overcome an obstacle my grandparents’ death. My grandparents started to get sick.

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I was worried that they would soon be gone. My mom told me that it is a part of life that you couldn’t stop. Over time, I learned that their life was going to end at some point. Although our obstacles were different, we shared a few similarities. Like Helen, I learned why things happen to people.

Helen and I have both learned it’s hard to face difficult things in life. Life can be hard, but good things can happen. Helen Keller had to overcome the difficulty in on how to communicate and I have had to overcome the hardships of facing the worst things in life. I learned from Helen that you have to face difficult things. From my life, I have learned to face my saddest moments.

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