Me and Helens Obstacle

Helen Keller once said “what we have once enjoyed we can never lose. all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” (Keller). Helen Keller was both blind and deaf most of her life.

Helen had to live with what happened to her, but that did not stop her. Much like Helen Keller overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate, I to overcome an obstacle of losing a loved one. Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of not being able to communicate, which caused many problems. When Helen was a baby, she got sick which caused her to become blind and deaf. The Keller’s hired Annie Sullivan to teach helen how to behave.

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Annie was able to teach Helen trust, obedience, and language in order to overcome Helens obstacle. Like Helen Keller I also had to overcome an obstacle. When I was twelve my grandma died by cancer, causing me and my family to feel sad. even though my grandma had cancer for six years before my grandma died, my family never saw it coming. We were all hoping that my grandma would get better, so it came as a surprise for us when she died.

In order for me and my family to overcome this obstacle we first had to accept what had happened. after that we will never get over what had happened, but we eventually were happy as we were when my grandma was alive. although our obstacles are different, me and Helen Keller share some similarities. One similarity that makes our obstacles alike is the fact that we can not change what happened, in other words helen will never get her sight back, and my family will never get my grandma back. Another way that our obstacles are similar is that even though our obstacles are both permanent we still found a way around them, helen learned a different way to communicate, and I learned how to continue my life without my grandma. Helens obstacle might have taken longer to overcome, but our obstacles were still very similar.

Much like Helen Keller, I overcome an obstacle, but I did learn something from me and Helens experiences. First I learned we should never feel bad for what has happened to us, but try to overcome our obstacle after reading Helens story. From my experience I learned that we should always say goodbye to someone even if you plan on seeing them again. have you ever had and obstacle like Helens or mine? How did you overcome it? Works Cited Keller, Helen. “Famous Quotes.” BrainyQuote.

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