An Obstacle

“Stop doing your homework! It’s already late! Go clean the kitchen, instead!” My dad always yells at me whenever I’m doing homework. For as long as I’ve lived, parents are usually the main ones that encourage their children’s education. In my case my mom is the only one that encourages me.

My dad’s excessive drinking makes it even worse. I don’t completely blame my dad for excessively drinking because he feels like no one appreciates and obeys him. Neither do I blame my family because it’s complicated to obey him in those conditions. However, it hurts me when he tells me, “You dumb girl! You are worthless just like your mother! You should just drop out of school like her! This is just another part of my life. “Go clean my room! Make me something to eat!” Go do this, go do that. That is all my family tells me.

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They never appreciate what I do for them; however, the thought of my parents coming home to a clean house and having at least one of their children obeying them makes me somewhat happy. At least I have a way to appreciate their hard work. All in all, it is difficult for me to concentrate in school work while I have so many other things to do. I know that my dad doesn’t encourage me in school because I’m the only one he depends on house work. Even though my dad makes me feel worthless, I strive in school to become one of the best pediatricians in later life, not just a drop-out. I want to show my dad that education makes a person worth living.