Career Development Plan Part I-Job Analysis and Selection

Career Development Plan Part I-Job Analysis and Selection Employees are a valuable part of a successful business and to hire the best fit for every position the hiring manager must have a good understanding of the job analysis. InterClean, Inc.

has merged with EnviroTech and the strategic direction of the company has changed from only selling cleaning products to also providing full-service cleaning solutions for businesses in the health care industry.

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The company’s change also requires the sales department to have a different focus and the current sales employees must be re-evaluated from both companies to ensure that the employees who are best fit for the position are utilized. In this paper I will explain job analysis, describe the workforce planning system, identify selection method, and new employees will be chosen. Job Analysis According to Cascio (2005) the definition of job analysis is it “describes the process of obtaining information about jobs. The analysis is a combination of a job description and the specifications, which will tell exactly the qualifications the candidate should have. Hiring the most qualified employees is important because it ensures that the candidate up for the job will do the job efficiently and correctly.

In order to hire employees who are a perfect fit for the job, the hiring manager has to have a precise idea of what the entire job entails.

There are several ways that a hiring manager, who does not or has not done the position that he or she is hiring for can get a clear understanding of all the duties that need to be done for the position and what qualifications are important. Cascio (2005) states that there are five different methods for job analysis: job performance, observation, interview, critical incidents, and structured questionnaires. Job performance occurs when the person doing the analysis does the job to get a better understanding of it. Observation occurs when the analyst watches an employee perform the job and takes notes on what they do and how they do it.

Sometimes it is not possible for the analyst to do the job or watch a person do the job because of the location or any other reason; in this case an interview would be best.

The analyst would interview an employee who is in the position being recorded. Critical incidents are small reports that explain an employee’s actions or behaviors and by putting several of these together a small description of important job duties can be summarized. The last method is a questionnaire that would have many questions that ask employees to rate skills and behaviors that he or she believe are needed to fulfill the job and how important they are. Cascio, 2005) Workforce Planning System Once the job has been analyzed the company can decide how many people they think should be assigned to the position and the qualifications that are important for them to own. “Workforce planning refers to planning for people who will do the organization’s work but who may not be its employees.

These are “make vs. buy” decisions that have become more important in firms as a result of globalization, outsourcing, employee leasing, new technologies, organizational restructuring, and diversity in the workforce” (Cascio, 2005).

With a merger comes a large amount of change and decisions for the new business to make. When the organization changes as a whole all the positions have to be reconsidered and decisions on staffing have to be made. In this case a workforce planning system needs to be put in gear.

This would include a talent inventory, which is an assessment of the skills and potential and how they are used and a workforce forecast, which would decide how many people would be needed to do specific jobs. Also an action plan is a necessity when deciding which employees to keep in their positions and which should be replaced.

All of the skills and potential of each employee would be looked at while making the decision. The last step would be to evaluate and control the plan. The performance of each step would be measured in ordered to determine which is actually successful and which were not. (Cascio, 2005) Selection Method The selection method starts with job analysis and determining what skills are needed for each job.

Once the skills needed are determined, then the candidates can be analyzed to decide who the best fit for each position is.

Human resources has now determined exactly what skills the right person should have and the candidates have been analyzed the two can be paired showing who is right for each position. Not all positions should be filled with people exactly the same. There are many types of customers and not every customer wants a salesperson who will be pushy or aggressive, so it is important that there are a variety of personality types that can do the sales position correctly. Chosen Employees All of the current employees have many superior qualities.

As the hiring manager the employees who I chose to keep would be Jim Martin as the Vice President of Sales, Tom Gonzalez and Ving Hsu as the Sales Managers, and Mark Pierce, Dennis White, Eric Borden, and Donna Wilson as Outside Sales Representatives.

Jim, Donna, Mark, and Dennis all are from InterClean and Tom, Ving, and Eric are all from EnviroTech, so there is almost an even number of employees from each company and they are all diverse. Jim was the previously the VP of Sales and has experience in industrial cleaning and sanitation and he also meets and exceeds all of his goals.

He also likes to take care of his clients and is not afraid of new challenges so he will be excited for the new business that is approaching. Tom was a great choice for Sales Manager because he has been in this industry for 25 years and he has great leadership skills. He keeps in touch with his previous customers to help with any issues that could arise, so he has excellent customer service skills to take care of any issues that could arise.

Ving as the other manager has 12 years experience with EnviroTech, and likes to train other employees.

He would be a great person to help train the employees on the side of the business that they do not know. Ving also has a great reputation with solving customer related problems that could arise. Donna Wilson has not had any experience in selling in this industry but is aggressive. Keeping her on the sales team is important because she can be molded into the way that the company wants her to be.

Mark is a young, exciting, and aggressive salesperson. He came from a competitor and could have interesting ideas that have not been thought of. His social network can help get new sales and it shows he is capable of building bonds.

Dennis White is also an excited salesperson who is aggressive and likes to convince customers to purchase something new. This skill will be excellent when selling the new services that will be offered. Eric Borden will be a great asset to the company because he has excellent personal skills and likes to be a leader.

He is also good at training other employees and keeping himself up with the most recent information in all aspects of the cleaning and sanitation industry. Conclusion Hiring the best fit employee for each position is imperative to a company that wants to be victorious.

Job Analysis is important to a company that is restructuring their organization as well as any new company. There are many steps to getting the right employee in the right position. After a lot of consideration the new employees were decided and they will all make a great addition to InterClean as they transition to selling the services that EnviroTech offered. The new sales employees are diverse and have great selling abilities.

With all the analyzing of the position and the candidates for the positions the company will have a successful sales team to help the company be number one in the industry.