Carribean Studies Ia

Residents of Siparia have enjoyed the facilities of a Local Health Centre for over 25 years. During this time however, the physical infrastructure had greatly deteriorated. Thus resulting in the decision by Trinidad and Tobago’s government of the day to demolish the old structure and construct a new District Health Facility, which was to meet the needs of not only residents in Siparia but surrounding areas such as Penal, Fyzabad etc. Unfortunately, residents had to anxiously wait for over 3 years before they could avail themselves of this new facility.

Eventually, on Thursday 16th April 2010, the residents of St.

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Patrick now had the oopportunity to make use of the new facilities offered in the new hospital. This research project investigates and determines the effect that the opening of the new Area Hospital has had on the residents on St. Patrick. In so doing, determine whether new technology has been introduced, as compared to the previous facility. “Health, as defined by the Oxford’s Dictionary is the general mental and physical well-being of an individual”.

Health is a major concern by all, as at some point in time, one will require medical assistance, either directly or indirectly. I chose to conduct this research because not only was I one of the eager residents, I also have relatives who reside in surrounding areas whose lives have also been impacted by this ongoing situation. Hence, I hope to make the public aware of this matter. What are the effects of the opening of the new Siparia District Health Facility and how has the implementation of new technology in this facility impacted on the lives of residents of Siparia and surrounding areas?

. What was the state of the health services being offered in Siparia prior to the implementation of these new technologies at-the newly opened Health Centre? 2.

Has the overall performance improved/declined since the introduction? 3. What may be other factors that may have contributed to this improvement/decline in the quality of service being offered to the citizens residing in Siparia and surrounding areas? 4. How has the introduction of these new technologies impacted on the development of the St. Patrick region, and by extension Trinidad?

The purpose of this research project is to investigate and predominantly determine how the opening of the Area Hospital in Siparia has affected and impacted on the lives of the residents of Siparia and surrounding areas. This study was done to raise awareness about the issue of the efficiency of the health sector and to determine how it has affected the manner in which these men/women are able to deal with unexpected and unfortunate events resulting in the need for proper health care service and facilities on a daily basis.