Case report

Longer focused’ is more appropriate ‘Organization’ is a more appropriate term Topic sentence Case facts relevant to the management issue 1. 0 Introduction (NOTE – taken from the Juice case – Leadership). Juice is a long run, experienced company in the Juice industry that is Poor term selection currently facing some serious management issues. A changing environment has seen competitors stealing the market, staff resigning and the company could be Statement of the management issue, but presents the argument repetitively – not required facing bankruptcy due to the managerial leading that is currently in place.

The management issue at hand is that Juice is too transactional in their style of leading and instead should be changing with the environment towards a more transformational style. As stated by Samson and Daft (2009, p. 442) the most Explanation, why an issue with literature support important element to business success is leadership, and the wrong kind of leadership can send a company into despair. It is evident that Juice needs to shift their style of leading in order to keep the company running strong.

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This report will argue the need for Juice to change its leadership approach from Clear statement of he argument that will be critically analyses transactional to a more transformational style so it can regain its market strength.

2. 0 Issue Identification (NOTE – taken from the Wormy Regional Hospital case – Teams). Ensure you check Australian spelling The issue identified is that Wormy Regional Hospital did not implement self- managed teams properly.

Indeed, a self-managed team is defined as a type For direct quotes use page numbers of work group, with “a high level of autonomy and decision-making responsibility’ (Data, 2000). This means that the control of the team is decentralized ND that managers Just interfere at a minimum level in the team to provide directives on the tasks to perform (Balked & Melanin, 1999).

Also, team members are taking the responsibilities that managers and supervisors used to have (the planning, the organization, the direction and the staffing of the Linking the issue to the literature work) (Golden Prior et al. 2009: Skulks et al. , 1993). However in the Hospital case, it is written that the chain of command is still the same and that members Link to the case facts and relevance of the team do not have the ability to initiate new methods of work without the probation of the managers. As a consequence, there is no real autonomy and no real share of decision-making responsibilities among team members at the Page number Reiterated with further literature hospital.

It is an issue because it was shown that “organizations which closely align their culture to support their business strategies tend to outperform those whose strategy and culture are not aligned” (Contain & Klein, 1997: Retells as cited in Data, 2000).

It was also shown that the more supervisors intervene with self-managed teams, the more they obstruct effective performance (Contain & Additional literature to add strength to he support Klein). For second citation within the paragraph no year is required 3. Critical Discussion (NOTE – taken from the Wormy Regional Hospital case – Motivation – STUDENT A). Herrings two-factor theory deals with overcoming motivational issues in Topic sentence/ claim. The theory/ model is clearly stated the workplace with employees. Although it has been argued that it is not relevant with cases involving education organizations or the business world today (Gale, 1999).

The argument centered on whether Herrings motivating Citation to claim factors for business workers would attract the same response from teachers or whether it was incorrect.

It was found that this was not the case, with behaviors being different between the two types of workers resulting in different motivations, most notably the factor of money being a big motivator for those in education circles (Gale). A study was conducted by Bibelot (1999) involving people from the education fields of employment, asking of the More information and a cited example of a study to back the importance of each of Herrings hygiene and motivational factors. The results showed that salary was the most imperative of Herrings hygiene factors Effective, deep critical analysis, additional literature to add to the support (Gale).

Furthermore, it was found that salary was the prime source of motivation, surpassing even Herrings motivational factors.

This view was also supported by Bibelot and Tutor (1999). The fact that Herrings work was conducted so long ago, it has been deemed to be irrelevant in today’s business Link to the next paragraph world, along with education workers. It was also argued that workers are influenced by hygiene factors to a greater extent in the workplace today, and 2 consequently rules teachers and those in the education field to be exempt from Herrings two-factor theory (Gale).

Despite these claims, a wide range of sources believe Herrings theory is still relevant. Critical analysis of opposing views In opposition, it is argued that Herrings theory of motivation and its Topic sentence/ claim. Notice how the author has shown the link between this and previous paragraph components are still relevant today and can be applied to the workplace.

Herbage’s theory focuses around two-factors, hygiene or dissatisfies and motivation or satisfiers (Chunk & Bacon, 2005). Motivation of employees cannot be lifted by improved hygiene factors, but merely reduced dissatisfaction (Gilligan, 2000).

It is argued that employees motivation levels can be raised significantly if they are satisfied, which can be ensured with improved recognition, achievement, responsibility, advancement and the work itself (Heinz n. D,). Fruit (2000) states that these motivators can influence an employee Explanation of why the theory is still relevant today with literature support positively by increasing their work performance. It has also been determined that in today’s workforce, employees are willing to transfer between different companies, not for money, but for an increase in Herrings motivator factors (Kobo & Ask, 2002).

It is also argued that Herrings theory is still applicable in today’s business world because the majority of people entering the workforce are searching for a Job which has meaning and encourages self advancement (Gilligan). Based on the evidence, it is clear that Herrings two-factor theory is still Topic sentence/ relevant in business today and can help with the motivational issue at the university. The argument against Herbert claims that the research was conducted too long ago (Gale, 1999).

This view though is questionable with new workers still striving for Herrings motivational factors (Gilligan, 2000). Also against Herbert was the research suggesting that people in education supplying Jobs were more motivated by money (Gale). The issue with this statement though is the research was conducted nearly two decades ago and 3 Critically evaluates information in the light of the overall argument with the workplace being ever changing, Herrings theory is still relevant and can be applied in business today and the university case (Gale).

In the case of the university, the employees were already motivated and searching to take on more responsibility by holding a conference and possibly getting more recognition, both Ewing motivational factors in the theory (Gale). With the dean disallowing their ideas, the minimal communication not only lowered their motivation factors and overall motivation, but soured their relationship with the supervisor, making the hygiene factor of interpersonal relations lower and creating dissatisfaction towards their Job (Heinz).

These factors inevitably result in negative changes in attitude towards work and a wanting to the leave the Job. By recognizing the insufficient factors, it is possible to resurrect the situation based around a few recommendations. Link to next 4.

0 Recommendations (NOTE – taken from the Wormy Regional Hospital case – linking to the management issue Motivation – STUDENT B). To provide employees with a healthy working environment and keep them motivated the following is recommended.

The top priority for the Hospital is to improve the working environment. Removal (2004) indicated that an environment that is productive, respectful, provides a feeling of inclusiveness Suitable recommendation supported with the literature and offers a friendly setting will keep employees satisfied. It is said to be more rueful as a predictor of Job satisfaction than pay – a hygiene factor of Herrings theory. Kimball et al.

2006) also asserted that “[e]employees may Join a company because of its generous pay scale or lucrative benefits package, but how long they stay and how productive they are is determined by the relationship with their immediate supervisor much more than their satisfaction The recommendation with pay'(p. 67). With that being said, as long as Hospital employees are satisfied, has been applied to the case employee engagement occurs and enables the organization to achieve high radioactivity, profitability, customer service, staff retention and workplace safety (Kimball et al. 2006). Although it is not considered a motivator, a healthy 4 paragraph and working environment for the Hospital allows for motivators to be presented once it is improved.

It is emphasized that motivating employees in hospital industry is crucial and link to previous because of labor intensiveness (Gung, 2002). Therefore, understanding and utilizing recognition is an effective motivational strategy in the case of hospital industry. Gibson (as cited in Opal, 2007) stated that employees are motivated o excel when their work and achievements are recognized.

Recognition can appear under the form of praise, bonuses or incentives (Schaefer, 2005). The hospital can employ praise as “a powerful, yet least costly and most underused, motivation tool” (Wiley, 1995, p.

264. ). In sum, with some changes in has been applied to the case management style, employees will be motivated when going to work every day (Schaefer, 2005). Concluding sentence 5. 0 Conclusion (NOTE – taken from the HI case – Ethics).

HI clearly has a management issue of unethical behavior and it is important that the unethical behavior displayed by HI be addressed owing to the loss of Jobs and life savings that eventuated.

After reviewing the literature, the best way for HI to solve the issue of unethical corporate behavior is by Clear summary of the report argument and statement of the outcomes firstly developing and implementing a ‘Code of Ethics’ within the organization and thereby creating an ethical climate. In addition, HI needs to effectively communicate this Code of Ethics to the workforce by establishing ethical committees and an ethical ombudsman.