Johnnie Walker Case Study

What would be the best way for competition to react to such an internationally successful advertising campaign? In reacting to the advertising campaign, the competition has a challenge due to the Johnnie Walker brand already being a well- known and famous brand. As the Johnnie Walker brand is already iconic, if a competitive brand were to try and challenge the ‘keep walking campaign their efforts may be lost due to overwhelming support of Johnnie Walker.

Therefore, competitive brands can try and distinguish their brands in store with in store promotions and accounts and displays that will catch the customer at the point of purchase. 2.

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Driving upon the case, pick a brand of your choice and design a strategy to turn it into an iconic brand. Reveal Lipstick: as an already well-known brand in the category, Reveal could develop a campaign around confident women and place the brand in the minds of consumers as being a confidence booster.

They could play out different scenarios such as starting a new Job or going on a date and portray the Reveal lipstick as a main contributing factor in the females confidence. 3. Taking into count the value dimensions by Chow and Emir presented in Chapter 3, explain how the Keep Walking campaign does or does not appeal to each category. Striver: as stated in the case study, men no longer associate success to material wealth which is evident throughout the Keep Walking advertisements.

The advertisements not showing power, status and an improved self image through the consumption of the Nonunion Walker brand. Fun-seeker: elements of pleasure, living for the moment and leisure are evident throughout the campaign. The campaign is set to inspire men cross the world. Creative: the case talks about the brand taking on values to encourage the self-improvement and internal quality of men.

Specifically shown through one particular advertisement (5 years from now) where they are ensured they will fulfill what they are meant to do. Devout, Intimate ; altruist: through the advertisements I have observed and through the case study, I do not think the campaign appeals to these categories.

As the campaign is generally for self- improvement rather than friendships or concerns for others. 4. Describe how the Nonunion Walker brand has achieved serialization through the Keep Walking campaign.

Nonunion Walker has used the three key things that all iconic brands have in common tame, resonance and adoption) to appeal to all of their market. They have also applied values that are applicable to all males across the globe and based their campaign on the growing trend of becoming a better man.

In the second phase of the campaign, they marketed specifically to accommodate different markets to give the locals a sense of ownership over the brand, all while running with the ‘keep Nailing theme that carries specific values.