Ellen Case Study

On top of all this Ellen has been deeply depressed for a month plus, has a history of not eating, and wants to stay away from other couples because she feels out of place. B. Can Ellen be said to be suffering from a major depressive disorder? Yes, very much so. LLC. Explain and defend your diagnoses or lack thereof.

Or begin with we have the basics of deep depression, not eating, and not wanting to be around other couples, all stemming from recently being dumped. Then we can factor in the death of her mother, and all the guilt she is feeling from that. With all his evidence I would say that she is in the middle off Major Depressive episode. . “Here does Ellen fit with Chessman’s taxonomy of people who intentionally end their lives? Ellen is definitely deep into Chessman’s taxonomy of people who intentionally end their lives. We can say this because she is using suicide to find a solution, that the stimulus of her suicidal thoughts are intolerable psychological pain, and that her common stress is frustrated psychological needs.

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These are Just three examples. 3. What factors are present that may trigger a suicide attempt by Ellen? Harry is a major one. If she was to see him with his new lover that would be devastating. Also the actual purchase of a gun might be as well.

Explaining Allen’s Depression and Suicidal 1 .

What genetic factors might play a role in Allen’s depression? There are many factors that come into play/trigger Allen’s depression. They are her mother’s hatred for the education system, and her dad’s history of being an alcoholic and losing everything. These deep rooted problems only need something to scratch the surface to bring them out. 2. What biochemical factors might play a role in Allen’s oppression? The fact that she is not open to try medications/drugs to help her problem. This will not only slow down her treatment/recovery, it could in fact make her worse.


What would a psychodrama theorist say about the origins of Allen’s depression? That they are rooted in her parent’s lack of attendance in her life. They Nerve never really there for her, and never really put much positive into her life. This IS extremely detrimental to children, and a set up for failure later on in life. 4.

How might Fraud’s concept to symbolic or imagined loss help explain Allen’s depression? It Mould begin with her parents never really being there for her, then go to her father and mother’s separation, then her parents separation from her schooling events, then to the separation of her and Harry. . What evidence is there that Ellen is engaging in the cognitive triad and automatic thoughts? The cognitive triad would be the fact that she is contemplating suicide as a way to escape her pain and get out; also the fact that she believes her daughter will not miss her. An example of her automatic thoughts would be, “the sooner I commit suicide the better”. 6. How might the hormone theory help explain Allen’s depression? Her endocrine glands are releasing higher amounts of hormones into her system, thus putting her body organs into overdrive during periods of stress.

This in turn results in negativity and depression. 7. How would the body dissatisfaction explanation lend to understanding Allen’s depression? The fact that Ellen is not eating regularly, or healthily, is a major factor in her depression. Without the proper nutrition Allen’s body will not function properly, and will be in a constant fight to maintain. Even though she is not eating to make herself look better, which she thinks will make her eel better; she is actually plunging deeper into her fight against depression. 8.

With regard to Allen’s wish to commit suicide, which of Deuterium’s categories does Ellen belong and why? Ellen would fall into the Anomic Suicide model, because her environment has not given her life meaning. In her mind the structures of friends, family, and religion have failed her. Treating Ellen 1 . Explain how a psychodrama therapist would treat Ellen for her depression and suicidal tendencies. To begin with they would probably dive into Allen’s past, and point out the roots of the problem to her.

After doing this one could begin to show her that none of this is her fault.

After showing her this you could begin to build approaches too new healthy lifestyle. 2. Explain how a behavioral therapist would treat Ellen for her depression and suicidal tendencies. A behavioral therapist would lump in and show Ellen that she could not let her mother’s death and Hardy’s dumping her pushes her to suicide.

That their behaviors should not control hers, and that she wouldn’t want to do this to her children. 3. Explain how a cognitive therapist Mould treat Ellen for her depression and suicidal tendencies.

A cognitive therapist Mould Jump right in and challenge Ellen as to where her line of thought really stems from. Then they would start giving her activities to do to Jump start her back into life. 4.

Explain how an interpersonal therapist would treat Ellen for her depression and suicidal tendencies. An interpersonal therapist would dive deep into Allen’s past Issues with her parents, all the way up to her losing them. They would then show her that she can’t let these issue’s stay buried because whenever life throws her a curve ball they will resurface.

Then they would start to encourage her to take control of her life, and to reach out and be a positive influence on people she comes into contact Ninth. This will give her a new meaning and peace to her life. 5.

Explain what biological treatment might be appropriate for Ellen. Ellen definitely needs medication. One would have to change her mind on modern day drugs. You could do this by showing her facts, and charts, then starting her off on a low dosage so that seen would see that there is no harm done. Once this sinks in you would properly medicate her, and she would be a brand new person.

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