Case Study on Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression Case Study:

Clinical depression, in comparison with the regular depression has a great number of symptoms apart from the well known low mood. In addition, clinical depression has a certain hidden form, because the patient does not have low mood and weird behaviour. It is so called depression without depression or masked depression and it is quite difficult to detect it. The modern understanding of clinical depression is connected with the term of melancholia.Centuries ago people who suffered from depression were so supposed to be just melancholic and no one paid serious attention to this problem.

Ancient Greece is known to study the roots of clinical depression or melancholia, but Middle Age lost all these studies once for all. At that time clinical depression was treated like influence of devil and the medieval doctors ‘cured’ it with hunger, fasting, praying, etc. There are many symptoms of clinical depression and the most widespread among them are: low mood during the longer part of the day; the loss of interest and pleasure; the reduction of energy and fatigue; unconsciousness; gloomy and pessimistic vision of the future; ideas and thoughts about suicide; insomnia; loss of appetite; loss of weight.One of the most serious types of clinical depression is the treatment-resistant depression, which can not be cured by antidepressants, because of the physiological characteristics of the human organisms. More than 16% of people in the world suffer from clinical depression and the majority of the patients are the inhabitants of the big cities which are known to be the source of stress. Although, clinical depression can not be cured, the patient requires constant psychological attention of an expert to reduce the effect of depression.

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Clinical depression is a psychological disorder which is becoming more and more frequent in the modern society, because of the increased amount of stress and dynamics of the current life. It is quite complicated to research the definite case on clinical depression, because the student has to communicate with the patient and learn about his life, family, occupation in order to get to know about the lifestyle and the factors which can be called the reason of the clinical depression. The student should evaluate the effect of the depression of the patient’s life and invent the useful ways out of the problem.Case study writing can be quite difficult for students, because the process of writing requires experience and deep knowledge of the topic. With the assistance of a free example case study on clinical depression one is able to improve his chance to succeed in the process of writing. every student can learn to write the right structure of text and format the paper correctly just using a free sample case study on clinical depression prepared online.*** NOTE! As you know all free sample Clinical Depression case studies and examples are plagiarized!!!