Case Study on Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Depression Case Study:

Adolescent depression is the emotional disorder occurring among teenagers which is characterized with the constant low mood.

The adolescent age is the specific period of the human development. This period is characterized with the profound changes of the teenager’s psychology, physiology and social life. Of course, the constant growth of the human body and alteration of the nervous system is a serious stress for the young person and it is quite obvious that her mood can change radically. The most obvious causes of adolescent depression are the influence of the surrounding factors (the problems with family, friends, troubles with classmates, education, love affairs, misunderstanding with other people, etc). Moreover, parents and teachers should realize that the teenager has a completely different manner of thinking and evaluation of the situation and problem.

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They are not able to think critically, soberly and objectively, because very often their mind is full of the dramatic and crucial ideas and worrying.Depression is caused by the negative experience. If the teenager suffers from the negative attitude from the members of his family, school bullying, etc, he can feel depressed. The most obvious symptoms of adolescent depression are sadness, irritability, lack of energy, lack of movement, crying, negative thoughts about suicide, changes in weight, sleeping disorders, problems with education, etc. The period of adolescence is very important for the appropriate formation of the successful and healthy personality in future, so it is important to help the young person cope with depression and increase his self-esteem and self-consciousness. The most useful methods to solve the problem of depression are psychological therapy, behavioural therapy, healthy food consumption, involvement into activities, talk therapy, etc.

Adolescent depression is the serious problem which touches upon the half of the teenagers in the world. Naturally, the teenager’s mind is quite vulnerable and various emotional problems are quite regular in this age. The problem of adolescent depression is quite serious nowadays, because more and more students suffer from it, as the current social life is too dynamic and stressful. The student is supposed to observe the case from all sides and discover the cause and consequences of the problem on the teenager’s organism and all the aspects of his life. In addition, the student should solve the problem well demonstrating his knowledge about the types of therapies and human psychics.

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