Case Study on Adolescent Egocentrism

Adolescent Egocentrism Case Study:

Adolescent egocentrism is the teenager’s belief that the attention of the surrounding people is focused on his personality. The phenomenon of the adolescent egocentrism is quite a typical thing among teenagers, which starts at the age of 11 and lasts sometimes to the age of 23. The early adolescent egocentrism is the beginning of the young person’s understanding of her uniqueness and thinking about her body image. The teenager wants to look nice believing that her appearance is the most important factor which can help her reach to success. The peak of the adolescent egocentrism is observed among the teenagers of the age of 14 – 16.

In this period they try to look and behave as if they are grownups. This age is supposed to be the most difficult for both teenagers and their parents, because young people suffer from constant stress and the desire of looking cool and mature. In this age they start smoking, consuming alcohol and even try taking light drugs in order to be accepted in their social groups. The power of the adolescent egocentrism from the age of 17 to 23 reduces, because the young person becomes calmer and her decisions and actions – more sensible. The problem of adolescent egocentrism is quite serious, because it can affect the young person’s life negatively. First of all, the teenager lives in constant stress being afraid of the negative attitude towards him from the side of his mates, so he tries to behave in the provocative rebellious way attracting the people’s attention with the help of various methods.

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