Jellyfish Case Study

Do you use live auction site like Ebay? No , But my auntie uses this auction site so I see to it. How does it differ from Jellyfish ? Bay has the best deals , Choices can be easily found were it has categories and sub- categories ,and more . They were updated for today’s featured collection’s especially En they celebrate something special like mother’s day , they were having discounts on great deals .

There are lots of choices were there are the same or similar items to choose from.

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As I researched about their market, I found out that they sell 700 million items listed on eBay . 2. Visit Jellyfish. Com . What is the process of becoming a participant ? Rhea Process of becoming a participant is to give your valid First and Last name , your email address , and accept the terms and conditions and must be at least 18 years of 3.

What sort of products would be best suited for a reverse auction format ?

In a reverse auction, the sellers compete to obtain business from the buyer and prices will typically decrease as the sellers undercut each other which is also similar too unique bid auction The products best suited for a reverse auction format are , The Products with low or no price volatility Products with little variance among supplier capabilities Products sourced primarily on price with limited ancillary considerations Products sold by a large, competitive supply base with all top suppliers willing to participate