Every topic in FEMINISM is examinable on your final paper. Your exam will have 5 multiple-choice questions in Part A (total of 10 marks) and 5 short-answer questions in Part B (total of 90 marks). Overall, more marks are riding on numerical questions. Rite page is already on Blackboard.

There is no formula sheet. Use the 10 minutes of perusal time to identify the questions you can answer easily. Leave more difficult questions for later. Remember that this is a written exam. That is, you get only one shot at putting down your answer.

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Hence, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you write concisely, clearly and legibly.

Use short paragraphs, and whenever possible, sub- headings, as a roadman for the examiner. 5 And more… In calculations make sure you keep your rough work separate from your answer and clearly show your method as part of your answer. In most instances, correct method Nil attract partial marks even if the final answer may be incorrect.

Pay attention to the number of decimal places required by the question. If not specified, four decimal places is a safe assumption in most cases; with final answers in dollars, two decimal places are expected. And…

And… Face-to-face exam consultation times for the Revision Period will be posted on Blackboard on the last Friday of the semester; there will be no consultation outside these hours. Four seminars should form the backbone of your final revision. In order to better manage your revision time, pay close attention to information found in the Foreword to Seminar 09, etc.

0 Please note individually emailed questions asking whether a particular topic or pages(s) of reading will be on the exam will remain unanswered. Make sure you are working from the most up-iodated seminar slides on Blackboard.

After you have completed your personal revision, I recommend that you get together Ninth a friend sitting the same exam and test each other. This approach would be particularly helpful with theory questions. 7 There are some postings under FAQ on Blackboard which may answer other questions that may pop into your heads before or after the exam. 10.

Four exam is on 5th November at 2:pm at US Union Complex (21). Please re-check this on SSL-net. 8 before we go over your sample final exam.