The Logistic Company Case Study

The Logistic Company Most of the courier and cargo companies, when they send their total consignments :load in their language) to a particular station. They do it with advance intimation by Nay of sending E-mail (pre-alert message in their language). BBC Logistics was no exception to this procedure. Whenever they sent their load by evening flight to Iambi, The sent pre -alert to Iambi giving details of the load like flight number, total number of bags, total weight of the bags etc. Night-duty Airport Executive at

Iambi Airport use to retrieve the load and use to confirm the receipt of the load to the Bangor office. The arrangement worked fine for months and even years.

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Airport Executive continued to get the pre-alert message and after retrieval of the load, he continued to confirm the receipt of the load. On one fine night, Cattish who Nas on night-duty at Iambi airport observed that neither any pre-alert has been received from Bangor. Nor Bangor office had sent any load to them. He tried calling Bangor office. But it was well past midnight and there was no response room Bangor office.

Security guard on duty told to the Airport Executive that nobody is available in the Bangor office and staff on duty had left already. Cattish knew that generally Rave works in the night time. He tried calling on Rave’s mobile number but it was switched off. Cattish had no other option except calling Cast Manager Operations of Bangor, Charles. Charles tried contacting Rave but he observed same what Cattish had observed, That Rave’s mobile was off. This was unique situation .

He was concerned about what had happened. Charles tried calling there operations staffs to find out whether anybody knew home of Rave.

But none of them knew where Rave’s house was. Charles was disappointed. Though he had disturbed couple of staffs in the dead of the night, there was no much headway. Charles was on the horns of dilemma.

Should I defer the matter for early morning or settle right away? After deliberating for couple of minutes, he chose latter. As a last resort, Charles called Hair, HER Executive. Charles explained situation to him and told him to go to office and find out address of Rave from the personal documents of Rave. Y the time it was 01 :30 hours and Hair was aghast to find out that he was told to go to office at dead of the night.

Wily-nil, Hair went to his office, pulled out personal documents of Rave and noted his address.

Later he confirmed the address to Charles. Charles had no option but to commute 15 KM in order to go to house of Rave. He reached Rave’s home at 02:1 5 hours. For Rave, it was a strange experience e to find out that his manager was knocking his door at well past midnight. When questioned why he did not send the pre-alert, he Just told that ” Very simple, Today there was excess cooking by other logistic companies and there was no space, so cargo officials of all the airlines refused to accept our load”.

And since no load was connected, I did not send pre-alert as well. However, I have done booking for morning flight and load will be connected through morning flight. ” Charles was damn infuriated by his answer. But his fate had stored a little more frustration for him as while returning home from Rave’s home, night duty patrol cops caught for him driving his two-wheeler without Riving license. Read the above case study carefully and find out the communication issues involved n it.