Case Study on Bajaj Company

Bajaj Company Case Study:

Bajaj Company is more known as Bajaj Auto. It is an Indian manufacturer of various means of transportation.

The company has its headquarters in Pune and has four plants in other cities. Bajaj Auto manufactures motorcycles, scooters and automobiles of various categories. In 2005 the company was included into the two thousand the most profitable companies in the world but in 2010 it was excluded from this list. The company was founded in 1945 and was called M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. Its activity was focused on the selling of the foreign motorcycles and auto-rickshaws on the territory of India. In 1959 the company gained the licence on the manufacturing of these auto-rickshaws and reached success very soon.

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Till the year 1986 Bajaj produced more than 500 000 auto-rickshaws and could be called a profitable and prosperous Indian company. Since the year 1995 Bajaj manufactured more than a million vehicles per year. Nowadays, Bajaj sells its motorcycles, automobiles and auto-rickshaws in more than 50 countries of the world and it is able to compete on the market due to the low prices for its vehicles. India is known to be the motherland of the low-cost affordable automobiles and Tata Nano is the leader on this sector of the market, but Bajaj Auto became its serious rival in 2012 when projected its affordable automobile with the price $2500 together with Renault and Nissan Motor. Moreover, Bajaj Auto is called one of the most competitive manufacturers of scooters, because its vehicles are sold all over the world and they are popular because of their low price.

Bajaj Company is one of the most successful automobile and motorcycle manufacturers in India and the student is able to study the history of the success of the company and learn about the factors which influence the rapid growth of the company’s popularity. The case study about Bajaj Company is supposed to inform the professor about the slightest details of the case suggested for the analysis. The student should learn everything about the cause of the case on Bajaj Company and evaluate its effect. The problem on Bajaj Company can be connected with the production, failures or success of the manufacturer. If the failure is under the research, the student is asked to solve this problem efficiently.When the student has troubles with the composition of his case study, he can always find the answer to his questions in the Internet and rely on a free example case study on Bajaj Company written online.

The young professional is able to borrow the research approach towards the problem reading a free sample case study on Bajaj Company in the web.